Bella Viva Business Card

Bella Viva Business Card — Seafoam green ink with gold foil stamping

Interior designer Deanne England recently contacted Studio Z Mendocino because she wanted a new look for her branding of her business, Bella Viva Interior Design, and a new business card. She found us online, and we were both surprised that we live and work only an hour-and-a-half from each other. From the first minute we talked, we knew there was a special spark in the quality of our communications. We “got” each other in the special way that makes you know things are going to be really exciting if you get to work together.

Deanne wanted something elegant that also showed her slightly quirky side too. We talked about the myriad possibilities, the infinity of choices doing any design project … and then I set to work over the weekend.

Right off the bat, I drew this little conundrum of a mark…a flower, maybe?…but if you look closely, you will see the initials “bV” for Bella Viva hidden in the leaves. She loved the mark, even before she saw the initials; then she loved the game of having to look and find the little mystery. She also was very clear that a “seafoam green” be included somehow. The card you see above is the result of our very flowing, mutual creativity.

If you have ever worked with interior designers, you know that there is no detail too small to suffer over until it’s perfect, and that is how we are about printing too. We got along like peas in a pod. Her meticulous attention to keeping things clear guided the project to its happy conclusion.

Ms. England works with clients in both northern & southern California on full scale remodeling & building projects, as well as design consultations in property investment evaluation, home staging analysis, professional organizing solutions, and even event design. Deanne is available by appointment only and welcomes all inquiries regarding her work, design philosophy, and design process. She can be contacted at 626 722 7809.

Deanne was immediately in love with the feel and look of Cranes 600 gram, super-thick Lettra, which takes the “bite” of letterpress techniques like nothing else, and feels wonderfully substantial in the hand.

Bella Viva Business Card Back

The backs of the cards had to be as pretty as the fronts, and they are.

REM 660 Cover_01

Two stories to add to your “Who Knew Department” file cabinet…Jim Tarbell writes about the long and very GREEN history and future of our county’s public transportation system. Since 1976, the MTA has quietly been providing inexpensive alternatives to driving around in your own buggy. Now, with a fleet of forty-nine vehicles, serving over 311,000 riders, and traveling over 745,000 miles last year, the MTA is geared to fulfill their mission “To provide safe, courteous, reliable, affordable and carbon-neutral transportation services.” The tall order is bolstered by having received a five million dollar grant to build a zero-net-energy maintenance building. Read all about it in REM today! 

On a totally unrelated subject, the south coast, for the last eleven years, has hosted a wonderful, weeks-long music festival with the totally coastal name of the Sonoma-Mendocino Coast Whale and Jazz Festival. This year, the festival migrates north all the way to Little River, the first time it’s ventured north of Elk. The musical lineup looks scintillating, and it’s all here for you to discover in this month’s issue of REM.

Of course, it’s called “Real Estate Magazine” and guess what the main event is: yep…REAL ESTATE! Find out what’s moving for April. Maybe your dream house will show up.

Pick up your copy soon, or you can read it here…And thank you for appreciating Real Estate Magazine! It’s a local community resource like no other!

REM 659 Cover_01

I’m very excited that Gowan Batist and Virginia Loperena put their heads and hearts together to write the latest article for Real Estate Magazine. The subject is Noyo Food Forest, and it is… well, let me gush: wonderful. These insanely hard working, savvy young women are food pioneers here on the coast, doing things nobody is doing anywhere else, effectively crusading for a sustainable local food system, and all the while making agriculture look cool to high school students. Noyo Food Forest is amazing. Wait till you read all about it: NFF.

You can pick up a copy of Real Estate Magazine on the north and south coast, all. along the Anderson Valley 128 Route, and inland. Look for them at any post office, Harvest in FB, all Realtors’ offices, and many inns, motels, and stores all over the county. Or you can read it online here. See what’s moving, what’s shakin’, and what’s fresh and interesting in Mendocino County.


type case

I just had to pass along this article by Craig Weiland for Slate magazine…it really covers everything you ever wanted to know but were afraid to ask about type, fonts, and typography.

February cover of REM

February cover of REM

Our new issue is out on newsstands all over the county now. Brendan McGuigan wrote our cover story this month, about the fabulous Stornetta Public Lands. I can’t wait to go whale watching down there soon! Pick up a copy, or you can read it online here. There’s also a little story about the exciting upcoming Mendocino County Museum Road Show and another about the tokens for bags at Harvest Market that has raised over $24,000 for local charities. Find out what’s moving and what’s for sale, and just maybe you will find your dream house!


REM January 2014 CoverWith interviews covering five interesting (well, who’s not around here?) local business owners AND a great piece on “Propreneurs” by Cynthia Wall, this month’s Real Estate Magazine is crammed with ideas and inspirations to kick off our new business year. For instance, I love what Tracey Coddington had to say about selling real estate: “Real estate is about as dynamic as life can be. In the real estate field. one is supporting people in some of the largest decisions they will make in their lives — it involves all of the pieces of their life: family, home, work and finances, hopes and dreams.” The way we frame our businesses and their goals and intentions actually makes our work deeper, richer, and more meaningful.

I had a coach once (Bill Rodgers) who told me my design work and printing and my card line “supported people from cradle to grave” …He meant that from birth announcements, to business cards, wedding invitations, to memorial cards, and everything in between, people need and use my various services for the celebrations in their lives, for connection and communication in their lives. That simple assessment really changed the way I held my work. It’s all true.

I have emails from people who actually got married because of one of my Ladies Who Lunch cards (not too many more of those left but I have sold probably close to a half a million of them!) One couple nicknamed their baby Pinkie Lou after one of my cards…you never can tell when you are going to make a difference in someone’s life through your particular “genius,” which is what this month’s REM is all about. Last month’s issue, “Community Can-Do” — about local charities, was a huge success. We couldn’t keep our boxes full! This community is just so full of caring, dedicated, beautiful, and effective people that it’s kind of mind boggling. (If you missed this one, you can see it online, along with all our last issues here.)

Thank YOU for making Real Estate Magazine a part of your life too, and for telling your friends that the name of the magazine doesn’t exactly tell the whole story of what the magazine represents in our community. Every reader makes a difference, and we so appreciate hearing that you enjoy the magazine and read it all the time (and we hear this a lot!). Every time you buy something from one of our advertisers, you are helping all of us make a difference, too. Every time you take out an ad, it’s not just an ad for your business, but a support for what REM is able to do in keeping our whole area aware of what fabulosity we get to live inside here on the coast. It’s a big, huge win-win situation, and thank you.

Starting the New Year with a lot of gratitude and much excitement for what’s coming in the next months. Next issue, Brendan McGuigan will tell you all about the amazing Stornetta Lands. Stay tuned!

2013 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog. It’s kind of amazing to see how connected we all are and that a little blog like this can generate so much activity. I know it has helped bring new customers to me…from as far away as DENMARK, JAPAN and AUSTRALIA. These fabulous clients would never have found me without the power of the internet and my Studio Z Mendocino blog. 26,000 visitors…in one year. How social!

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 26,000 times in 2013. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 10 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.


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