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Chicago interior designer Elizabeth Pasquinelli came to Studio Z Mendocino with a strong idea of what she wanted in new business cards for her company Debaun Studio. Her sophisticated design sense made it very easy and fun to incorporate her desire for a chevron or herringbone pattern and the logo she created herself into these gorgeous letterpress cards.

I reworked her herringbone pattern, and, with a die, deeply impressed the pattern into our favorite paper, Cranes 600 gram Lettra. See how sumptuous…

Even though the herringbone design is very deeply impressed on the front, the very thick paper barely shows any impression through to the reverse side, so there is no interference to the contact information.

Having the logo by itself on the front is my favorite way of keeping the branding message very pure and clean. A beautiful typographic layout is key to conveying a subtle but very strong message of attention to detail.

Elizabeth told me the cards exceeded her expectations and I have to admit that, although I knew they were going to be amazing, they did mine too. The actual tactile experience of this much rich texture on a little piece of paper is quite astonishing. This again was a great collaboration with a creative and exceedingly talented client. This is why I keep loving my work so much. Incredible people from far-flung places finding me and working together with me, and then receiving the benefits of our work together. It’s a beautiful big round circle. Every time Elizabeth passes one of these letterpress cards to a prospective client it is a spark that has in it a world of experience and beauty and connection.

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We are so excited that FINALLY we will introduce ourselves to Mendocino after playing a lot in Westport. Our two-night gig in the MacCallum House Gray Whale Bar will encompass a big range of Jazz Standards and slightly obscure tunes that evoke another time and place, yet are always, always modern. They belong to the performer, so each time they are played, it’s like the first time. I hope you can come to one of the nights!

If you want to make reservations for dinner beforehand call them at 707-937-0289.

Oops! gotta go to rehearsal right now!

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