_O8C1644Very happy to present one of our latest letterpressed business cards, which feature EDGE GILDING in silver foil. This is a new offering from Studio Z Mendocino. We have been edge PAINTING (in ink) for years and years now, but we can finally give you what you have been hankering for, for such a long time.

Steven Young has this amazing, riveting logo. That upside-down “A” just holds you for ransom.

P1050780One of the coolest things about this job was that Steven had me divide it in half: one part was done on 600 gsm WHITE Cranes Lettra; the other was done, in the same amazing electric blue foil on BLACK Museum Mount. All had silver edge gilding.

P1050784STAK Photography is Steven Young’s boutique studio in NYC with international, award-winning wedding photos. Visit his blog at http://www.getstak.com.

P1050782Even the back has his distinctive, edgy vibe. LOVE these!!!

I love the Irving Berlin quote: “Life is 10% how you make it, and 90% how you take it.” And Anatole France said, “To accomplish great things, we must not only act but also dream, not only plan, but also believe.” If you, like me, have been feeling a little harried lately, are facing something life-changing and hard, or are feeling like just plain giving up, this might give you a little boost: www.mybabysloveletters.com. My Baby’s Love Letters are big initials, framed and unframed, that are made up entirely of the words “I love you” printed over and over a zillion times. You can choose from your initial with a red foil heart or a gold star. They look amazing in a new baby’s nursery, on a big wall full of black and white art, over your boss’s desk (or your own!) …you think it up.

See more at: Love Letters for the World.

Love, and I mean LOVE, l-u-v…


Madly Fabulous Layered Letterpress Business Cards for Artist Zheng Chongbin.

P1050352P1050349Black/Orange/White paper laminationAbove are the business cards Studio Z Mendocino just completed for Zheng Chongbin. They consist of two pieces of 2-ply museum matte board, his name, in English and Chinese, blind debossed on the white side, and his contact information foil stamped in white opaque foil on the black side. The two thick papers were laminated together with a slip of bright orange cover stock between them. The little ‘sandwich’ shows the most subtle and startling dash of color along the edges of the cards. Zheng uses only black and white in his work, so the daring, bright orange slice is a nod to, perhaps, the incendiary creativity he brings to each of his paintings and enormous installations.

Zheng Chongbin, Untitled, 2014

“Zheng Chongbin’s artworks bridge the modernist concerns with the spiritual in abstraction and the post-modern deconstruction of light and space perception with a Taoist phenomenology of energy, material and “resonance” or qiyun. His practice encompasses biomorphic ink painting, abstract painting using traditional ink and acrylic on paper, large-scale ink installations, and video installation art. Positioning Zheng’s practice in a trans-national context, his work “simultaneously deconstructs the language of ink painting and plumbs the philosophical and practical depths of Western modernism.” from www.zhengchongbin.com.

Ink-Studio-01Zheng came to me through the recommendation of my great friend Michael Lerner. (Thank you, Michael!) He wanted some very special business cards to carry to his several upcoming shows in Berlin, at the Venice Biennale 2015, and in Beijing.

 "In Situ, 2009 This work presents the story of this actual site, drawn from memories, which link to the history of Shanghai. The installation uses rice to represent the landscape that resonates with this space and the narrative of its rising, glory, and deterioration in the past. Black and white are often symbolic of Hei Dao (“underworld”) and Bai Dao (“legal world”)." The installation above is describe on his website: ‘This work presents the story of this actual site, drawn from memories, which link to the history of Shanghai. The installation uses rice to represent the landscape that resonates with this space and the narrative of its rising, glory, and deterioration in the past. Black and white are often symbolic of Hei Dao (“underworld”) and Bai Dao (“legal world”).”‘
P1050353The cards we designed together merge utter simplicity with gorgeous materials. It was a complete pleasure to collaborate with Zheng, to find that spot where both of our minds and eyes and instincts engaged with the intention and produced something ephemeral and beautiful and useful.

Three Definitions of Air - 2013 - 55 cm x 70 cm

Three Definitions of Air – 2013 – 55 cm x 70 cm

The drama continues, only this time it's on white 600 gsm Cranes Lettra

The drama continues, only this time it’s on white 600 gsm Cranes Lettra

You remember Rob’s last iteration of business cards…the super-thick black ones that make people want to meet him in a crowded club. For the reprint, he decided to go in the opposite direction with white super-thick paper instead. Same great design, same gold foil, but replacing what used to be silver foil with black ink, same grassy green edge painting. Black. White. Equal showstoppers.

P1040366Rob’s jazzy motto: Get Listed. Get Sold. tells his clients he means business. Leaving them with these incredible pieces of art conveys another layer of seriousness, luxury, beauty, and attention to detail.

P1040368Smart, beautiful, useful, chic, irresistible. Call today to see about having something like this represent you in the world. 707 964 2522.

I love this article from the New York Times last week:

SAN MARCOS, TEX. — On the day before New Year’s Eve, after making the 19-hour drive to Texas from Wisconsin, the writer and artisan Gaylord Schanilec began checking the status of the precious cargo that had been sitting, uninsured, in the bed of his Chevy Silverado. In the home studio of Craig Jensen, a bookbinder here, Mr. Schanilec plucked more than half a million dollars out of Rubbermaid storage bins. The money was in the form of 100 bubble-wrapped copies of “Lac Des Pleurs,” Mr. Schanilec’s ode to Lake Pepin, near his home in Stockholm, Wis., population 69. The going rate for each copy is $5,000.

The book took more than seven years for Mr. Schanilec to make. Now, Mr. Jensen would have to rush to complete the binding for 30 copies in time for the Codex Book Fair & Symposium in Berkeley, Calif., the premier international showcase for handmade books, which starts on Sunday.

The project began when Mr. Schanilec, a self-taught wood engraver and fine printer who seamlessly uses traditional techniques to modern ends, acquired a Lund fishing boat and retrofitted it with a drawing table and library so that he could create while pondering the lake. “I’m really into just going someplace I know nothing about, or into a subject I know nothing about, and just kind of letting it take me wherever,” Mr. Schanilec, 59, said.

Read the rest here:

Catherine Carpizo's Business Cards with Coral Edge PaintingI’ve known Cathy Carpizo for many, many years. She has visited me in Fort Bragg many times and every time we meet, it’s always just so deep and good. We even met one night in Mexico City at a crazywild salsa night club that had metal detectors at the entrance and bottles of whiskey already on the tables when you came in. This, believe me is NOT how we usually act! But the music was amazing and the scene was out of the galaxy. I have made her business cards in the past but recently she called and wanted something new and different. We came up with this:

Coral EdgesThe palette is subtle: khaki and gray inks impressed into English watercolor paper that has a very beautiful and distinctive texture. And then, there’s this little WoW factor: coral edge painting.

Front and BackCathy does work for all kinds of busy, successful people who want to make their lives very efficient. It’s almost not like a business, it’s more personal than that, more a magic ride. It says “organizing” — but Cathy describes it as more like a sort of alchemy with her clients…what happens next is …the magic.

Her business cards have some of that in them, too. You can feel it and see it — it’s not a formula. She is spontaneous and intuitive, sensing what’s needed and wanted and getting busy making it happen. It’s work, work in the synergy that happens between her and her clients context, work that is so much more than “organizing.”

When she talks about what she does, I so get it. This is probably the thing that draws us to each other, love of the mystery of creativity, passion for mastery, being open to what is and what might be, sensing into how we can mediate between the desires of the client and the finished actual product. Just seeing her smile makes you want to get to work with her!


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