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REM 652 August Cover

Summertime, and on the north coast anyway, the livin’ includes driving someplace to get out of the fog and taking along a six-pack of Scrimshaw, Red Seal or Brother Thelonious Ale, usually to the river for a picnic and a swim. I remember when the North Coast Brewery started, in 1988. Who knew then what fabulosity was in store for the little startup. NCBC has consistently earned high honors for its quality brews, and awards all over the world, while it has enthusiastically participated in its own community, Fort Bragg, California, wholeheartedly. It is also now one of the region’s biggest employers. Jazz and jazz education are huge passions for them, which they support generously. In these two-and-a-half decades, NCBC has achieved the status of one of the world’s great craft breweries. Nancy Harris has written a great story about their history, and about this quarter-century birthday for the August issue of REM. Pick it up all over the county, in Realty offices, inns and motels, grocery stores, restaurants and shops. When you visit the North Coast Brewing Tap Room, be sure to tell them you read about them in Real Estate Magazine! You can also read it online here.


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REM 651 Cover 01

I hope you will go find your copy of this issue asap because I think they are going to go fast! But of course, I’m prejudiced about poetry (can’t live without it) AND I wrote the main feature article this time, so you see…

But I do think ruth weiss’s story is so fascinating and she is such an amazing person and has had such a totally creative, wild life. There are a bunch of smaller stories included too about ruth and other poetic matters in the county. You can find copies at post offices, Realty offices, many lodging places and restaurants, Harvest, Corners, Downhome and a ton of other places all over the county. Or you can read it here.


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