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p10007101Catherine Carpizo is a master organizer and can be found redoing people’s closets up and down the California coast. I think the card expresses the same energy she brings with her when she enters a room- -fresh, vibrant and sunny. Nothing like a bright white square to say, “NEAT AND CLEAN!”

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Please check out Sarah and Chris’ (husband and wife photographers) blog! After meeting them in my shop one night (they were on their way to a shoot in LA, driving from Seattle, swinging by Fort Bragg, crazily, 8 pm)…I really got how perfectly these cards express their personalities. Super Cool. We all LOVED each other and it was so fun to show them around my shop. They totally GOT everything and took a hundred photos.

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Mille Vignep1000757

Rebecca Kingsley rents out three vacation homes on her sloping property in Napa Valley. The views and sunset walks through the vineyards make Mille Vigne a perfect place to land while vacationing in Napa. The card speaks for itself! Decadent, luminous and lush. Check out the rentals on Mille Vigne’s website www.millvigne.com

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