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Brendan McGuigan gives all the details about our fair county’s brews and breweries in this issue of Real Estate Magazine. We are justifiably proud our Mendocino County’s many attributes…unparalleled gorgeousity, world-class wines and wineries, ocean, redwoods, amazing communities and, of course, very fabulous brewskis. Take the tour in our magazine: http://www.realestatemendocino.com, then drive around the county, really, and taste the bounty.

If you are looking for real estate, this is the place to find comprehensive listings from all the county’s major real estate firms. Everything is in the magazine, on the racks now in over three hundred locations countywide, or you can read the whole issue on line.

Here’s to Mendocino! Here’s to YOU!

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Robert Wagner, a photographer from New York, had Ross Tanner of Flosites, a fabulous designer and photographer in his own right from Moldova, design his new branding. Robert ordered letterpress business cards from Studio Z Mendocino to arrive quickly for an event he had scheduled. We pulled out all the stops to get them to the east coast in time and they just arrived. Robert sent these gorgeous shots of the results of our fortuitous collaboration.

You can tell they were printed on Cranes 600 gram Lettra. Sumptuosity meets practical Art

meets minimalist aesthetic

meets a little bit of mind bending

equals a tool for business that engages and does its job with daring elan and perfect impression.

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From the Land of Incredible Letterpress Business Cards: Laminated, Edge Painted, Foil Stamped, Two-Tone Business Card for Lynette J.

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Dallas photographer Lynette Johnson‘s business cards go so far beyond the beyond that it has taken me about a year finally to get them on my blog. They have EVERYTHING. Lynette specializes in photographing Southeast Asian weddings and her designers incorporated an updated Indian theme into her logo, website and blog. I wish I could claim credit for the logo work but I didn’t do it. I did work with her though to get the maximum WoW factor our of her business cards, which we produced here at Studio Z Mendocino. Her colors are a very spring-y green and deep navy blue. In order to do justice to this incredible design it was necessary to go a few extra miles in the production of her business cards.

The stylized, modern paisleys were stamped onto kiwi green paper in a pearlescent foil, then overprinted with her clever, dark blue ink “LynetteJ” logo. Put that aside now and imagine the other side… Well, actually, you don’t have to imagine it — here it is:

The contact information was letterpressed onto white paper. In order to get these two separate pieces of delicious paper to come together as a single business card it was necessary to send it across the continent to our edge painter’s shop back east. There, they sandwiched the two pieces of paper together, with an extra piece of chipboard between, to build them to the extra thickness we wanted, then edge painted them in the same, exact dark blue ink for a little flash/pop/WoW that conveniently disguised the sandwich along the edge.

Do they make some kind of explosive impact? mmm…hmmmm…

Do they represent the incredible and artistically iconoclastic work Lynette does? mmm…hmmm…

mmm…hmmm…you could not ask for anything more.

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