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On our cover: Steve Paul and Georgia-Ann Gregory heat up the dance floor, Larry Knowles models his Charlston two-tones,
and Dee Lemos’s charming high school graduation photo

REM is out on the streets right now, ringing out the old year with a couple of great local stories. Where to have fun on New Year’s Eve on the coast. Latest Mendocino County, California, listings if you want to invest in some very prime real estate, or just window shop. Here is the link to the online version of the paper: www.realestatemendocino.com.

Next issue will feature a story about why this is the best buyer’s market in years and years, by Brendan McGuigan, one of my favorite writers.

And, very exciting news, we will have a remodeled version of our website up by the end of the year (whoa, that’s two days from now!!). We have three months of the magazine under our belts now and are having a ball with it, getting used to the tight schedules and deadlines and just making it better each time, we hope!

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I want to wear every single thing Nha Khanh and her partner Nini Nguyen design. They are the most gorgeous people, and their clothes are beyond exquisite, beyond crafted, and even beyond beyond: they are scrumptiously fashionistaissima!!!

The question here was, what would you do for a business card for such gorgeousness?

Loc Truong, Nini’s husband and a partner at Nha Khanh, designed the very understated typography for their logo. THEN there was a conversation. With me. What paper? What color? What what what??? Here you see the outcome of our deliberations: understated, modern, classical, textured, white-on-white, pure beauty.

One of Nha Khanh’s designs

This is Nha’s limited edition run: pearl foil flood with the type knocked out so the type is paper texture and the pearl foil is pressed down around the type, making a little pillow of the logo. This is not a usual use for letterpress. But they too are very beautiful.

Two editions and the backs.

Pearl foil deeply impressed into uber-thick Cranes Lettra 600 gsm


So beautiful. You have to go see her website now. Wait till you see what we just did for Nini!! Next post coming soon. Merry Happy!!!

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Kristina Belkina — Pretty In Pink Letterpress Business Cards.

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Kristina Belkina just got her new letterpress business cards and sent me these wonderful photos. They are printed in black ink on Cranes 600 gram Lettra, with a whisp of pale pink pearl foil for the word “photographer.” She told me she can’t stop looking at them!

I’m so happy about them too. That one little spark of pale color changed the whole mood. They are beautiful reminders of the talented Ms. Belkina.

A wonderful pleasure to work with Kristina on these amazing cards!

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We like to say that Letterpress printing brings the third dimension to a two dimensional medium. The addition of depth, texture, that subtle shadow around every letter and image, gives Letterpress work its signature appeal and gorgeousness. Chung Li is a Bay Area photographer whose tag line, “Urban Sophistication,” says it all about his beautiful work. Chung came to me because he specifically wanted that texture and the super thick paper that you can only get with Letterpress because the only type of press it will run through is a platen press like our Heidelbergs. He came to me with most of his logo in place already but had me fine tune it.

Working with Chung was a pleasure: every detail considered and reconsidered: our two skill sets working together toward what you see here. His new studio is just finished and his website looks totally amazing. This is the power of branding combined with the skill of a master artist/businessman. A place for everything and everything in its place. Above you see the back of the card, which is as sleek and exciting as the front.

All photos by Chung Li.

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Anne Latour of PrivaSicuro Wealth Management, Your Perosonal CFO wanted a new logo, a business card and stationery that looked and felt opulent. The logo she had was not “it” at all, so I took over, as I love to do, and made what you see above, opulence worth its weight in gold and silver. We used super heavy black Museum Mount, foiled the logo in silver and the tag line in gold. It is like holding a small treasure in your hand.On the back: contact information. This keeps the logo pure and bigger all by itself on the front of the cards. Silver foil works well on black paper for readability.

Industrial strength business cards for a financial wizard.

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