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I love love love Annette Thurmon’s wedding dress designs. They are sooo dreamy and gorgeous, and I am lucky to say that Annette is also a dreamy and gorgeous client of mine.

I got to work with Annette when I did her business cards a while back, and today she posted an interview with me on her beautiful website: Chaviano Couture.

I hope you will go see her beautiful designs and read my interview!

xo Zida



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Nini Nguyen, embodiment of all things gorgeous, stylish, elegant and chic, including herself, wanted nothing but black-on-black and deep texture for her Fashion Stylist business cards. Her husband Loc designed these industrial-strength cards using a Stencil typeface, and we applied black gloss foil onto super-thick black Museum Mount with very deep impression. It amounts to understatement that packs a mysterious wallop.

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Dallas style vixen, Ana Pettus is launching her new line of perfumes, candles, bags and other chic pleasures very soon. To hit the ground running (in her Rodarte stilettos), Ana chose Studio Z Mendocino to design and letterpress print her intensely fabulous business cards and stationery. 
Because Ana’s colors are BLACK and WHITE, we wanted to use a dense, super-dark black paper, but it was not thick enough to suit our taste. We often use black Museum Mount for our two-sided business cards, but it has a slight charcoal cast to it and won’t take white foil to save our souls. In order to get all the elements Ana wanted, we ended up laminating two pieces of our intense-black-but-not-so-thick paper, with a piece of chipboard between them. This created a very thick and luxurious card but with a bit of brown chipboard showing along the sandwiched edge. To remedy this we edge painted the 2.5″ square cards in matte black. The snake-y AP logo, which Ana brought to us already done, was foiled in glossy black, and her name, all in lower case, super bold letters, was put on in opaque white foil. The backs feature a block of white typography.

The extraordinary results are causing a stir wherever the peripatetic Ana finds herself handing them out: Dallas, Paris, New York, Rio, or some island you never heard of. Turning heads is something the irrepressible Brazilian is quite used to. You can find her in the society pages dressed in Balmain or Dolce & Gabbana, or giving interior design advice and where-to-find-it tips on her website. Next: Ana’s Stationery Wardrobe. YUM!

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I want to wear every single thing Nha Khanh and her partner Nini Nguyen design. They are the most gorgeous people, and their clothes are beyond exquisite, beyond crafted, and even beyond beyond: they are scrumptiously fashionistaissima!!!

The question here was, what would you do for a business card for such gorgeousness?

Loc Truong, Nini’s husband and a partner at Nha Khanh, designed the very understated typography for their logo. THEN there was a conversation. With me. What paper? What color? What what what??? Here you see the outcome of our deliberations: understated, modern, classical, textured, white-on-white, pure beauty.

One of Nha Khanh’s designs

This is Nha’s limited edition run: pearl foil flood with the type knocked out so the type is paper texture and the pearl foil is pressed down around the type, making a little pillow of the logo. This is not a usual use for letterpress. But they too are very beautiful.

Two editions and the backs.

Pearl foil deeply impressed into uber-thick Cranes Lettra 600 gsm


So beautiful. You have to go see her website now. Wait till you see what we just did for Nini!! Next post coming soon. Merry Happy!!!

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What to Give Your Favorite Photographer for Christmas or Hanukkah: A Gift Certificate for Letterpress Business Cards from Studio Z!.

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We all know photographers are big Wanting Things. They want new lenses and backs, new programs and apps, they want chic cases and they want the latest and most extravagant everything. They all want STUFF all the time, I guess because there is SO MUCH STUFF TO WANT. It gets confusing, not to mention expensive, when you draw a photographer’s name for gift giving at this time of year. So, to make your coming few shopping weeks less hectic, may I humbly suggest you just call me up and order a beautifully letterpress-printed gift certificate, in a denomination you find most appropriate, for letterpress printed business cards. You know they’ve been ogling other photographers’ cards, just wanting away, like Kip Beelman’s fuchsia edged, super-thick square cards, designed by Ross Tanner and printed at Studio Z:

or Dana Goodson’s vibrant blue edged letterpress business cards AND stationery suite:

or dramatically fabulous Clark Bailey’s black and gold super thick museum mount cards with black gloss foil:

or Hiram Trillo’s big-sky-shiny-blue-foiled cards and stationery wardrobe:

You know she wants them. You know he has been yearning… Or maybe the photographer on your list has been hankering after a completely new brand. Like the ones I did for Alana Couch and Jonathan Chan and Maria Bernal — the sexy black ones with hot pink edge painting —  or Laura Gordon. You can apply a gift certificate to branding and/or printing, business cards and/or stationery, invitations and/or whatever. You can choose to make it for the whole job or just something they can apply toward the printing of their dreams.

From the most austere to over-the-top wild, a letterpress business card from Studio Z Mendocino, or a new logo design, can make a difference in the clients one attracts and the jobs one lands. Ask our clients this,  about what having jaw-dropping cards like the ones shown here has done for their businesses.

Here, for instance, are Florida photographer Audrey Snow’s pearl foil and chocolate ink ones:

And of course the gift certificate idea is not limited to photographers. Jennifer Chapman’s new brand and cards are an example of one of many “other” categories.

Lawyers and interior designers and Realtors want fabulous design and letterpress, letterpress, letterpress:

Well, you get the idea. A gift certificate in any amount from Studio Z Mendocino will put a smile on the face of just about anybody who’s in business on your list, and will help them get closer to their vision of passing out business cards that stop people in their tracks.

Call 707.964.2522 to order your specially printed gift certificate for a loved one…or for yourself! We ALL want stuff this time of year, don’t we? Tell somebody! Call Santa!

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Photos by Pablo Abuliak

Monica Wellington, owner of the most fashion-forward boutique on the Mendocino Coast, came to me for a new logo a while back. The name SPLENDIFEROUS! has so much juice in it anyway that it was very fun to play around with the way it lay on the page. It’s printed in brown ink, along with the blast of dandelion fluff, then reiterated in teal green foil (with an exclamation point where the “i” usually goes. We did them on the heaviest chipboard we could get our hands on. We love, love, LOVE how they came out!

They express the exuberance and style and earth-friendliness that Monica puts into the mix in her store, which, by the way, you HAVE to go to when you come to Fort Bragg. Everybody always finds something they can’t live without.

You really can’t print on this thickness of paper in any other way than by letterpress (except perhaps silk-screening — not too practical for business cards, though). With such heavy weight paper, we can get a nice deep “bite” that shows off the signature third dimension, the beautiful texture of letterpress that sets it apart from every other form of printing.

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