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gold edge cardsMonica Wellington’s impossibly fabulous SPLENDIFEROUS women’s clothing boutique, on Fort Bragg’s most fashionista-friendly Laurel Street, needed a new business card. The last one I had designed for her was a little bit funky (thick kraft paper), a little bit swoozy (ultra-wild typesetting), and had served its purpose well for several years.

IMG_0478Super cute, right?

Now, almost out of the old ones, she wanted something to match the way Splendiferous! had evolved over the ensuing years, to 2016. Monica wanted to keep the dandelion puff we’d always used, and she still loved “Splendiferous” spelled with an exclamation point in place of that “i,” in the middle, but it needed a new, sleeker, chicer, more uber interpretation that befit how the shop is now: Ultra-glorious.

2016 bc black front

Monica couldn’t make up her mind whether she loved white paper or black paper. Each gives off such a different vibe. So, of course, in line with my motto, If it’s worth doing, it’s worth OVER-doing: I printed her new designs on BOTH–half on white Cranes Lettra 600 gsm, and half on black super-thick, thick, thick, amazing Museum Mount papers, and then, of course, we gilded the lily…


Oh, gee. What can you say? Gold, metallic edge gilding.

On the white paper, we used a pearlized white foil for the puff and on the black paper, we used gloss black foil for the puff. Everything else was in gold foil. Everything else was just, you know, splendiferous.

Here’s the back.

2016 bc back

Next time you are in Fort Bragg, you HAVE to go shopping there.

You can order YOUR over-the-top, gilded-lily business cards from Studio Z Mendocino whenever you’re ready for the Next Step. 707.964.2522. These cards are very expensive, it’s true ($1.70 each for 1000 — and no, getting 100 doesn’t work to lower the cost, those would be well over $5 each), but they are worth every cent for the astonishment these little pieces of art provoke in potential clients, the curiosity, and the perfectly fitting vibe. If you’re going to have an ambassador out in the world representing you, it had better be capable of the heavy lifting your high-end clientele expects.

2016 white front

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_O8C1644Very happy to present one of our latest letterpressed business cards, which feature EDGE GILDING in silver foil. This is a new offering from Studio Z Mendocino. We have been edge PAINTING (in ink) for years and years now, but we can finally give you what you have been hankering for, for such a long time.

Steven Young has this amazing, riveting logo. That upside-down “A” just holds you for ransom.

P1050780One of the coolest things about this job was that Steven had me divide it in half: one part was done on 600 gsm WHITE Cranes Lettra; the other was done, in the same amazing electric blue foil on BLACK Museum Mount. All had silver edge gilding.

P1050784STAK Photography is Steven Young’s boutique studio in NYC with international, award-winning wedding photos. Visit his blog at http://www.getstak.com.

P1050782Even the back has his distinctive, edgy vibe. LOVE these!!!

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The drama continues, only this time it's on white 600 gsm Cranes Lettra

The drama continues, only this time it’s on white 600 gsm Cranes Lettra

You remember Rob’s last iteration of business cards…the super-thick black ones that make people want to meet him in a crowded club. For the reprint, he decided to go in the opposite direction with white super-thick paper instead. Same great design, same gold foil, but replacing what used to be silver foil with black ink, same grassy green edge painting. Black. White. Equal showstoppers.

P1040366Rob’s jazzy motto: Get Listed. Get Sold. tells his clients he means business. Leaving them with these incredible pieces of art conveys another layer of seriousness, luxury, beauty, and attention to detail.

P1040368Smart, beautiful, useful, chic, irresistible. Call today to see about having something like this represent you in the world. 707 964 2522.

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Thanks for the kudos, BestBusiness Card.net ! They chose only seventeen business cards for interior designers out of the vast selection all over the internet, and one of those was my design for Louisiana designer Stacy Naquin’s black and silver foil ones. Printed at Studio Z several years ago on Cranes 600 gsm Lettra by Rhea Rynearson, they are an unusual example of letterpress printing. Stacy just landed a national TV show and we have a new design coming along soon… Meanwhile, these are still turning heads.


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Kingsbury Garden Designs Digital Business Card with AkuaFoil

Dorrit Kingsbury (adore her name) of Kingsbury Garden Designs emailed me one night a few months ago with the most arresting message: she had been studying my blog and website. She said she knew every single thing on them. And she just knew I was the one who was supposed to design her new logo and make letterpress business cards. It was another one of those things: I could tell, just from talking to her that first day, that we were destined to do something really wonderful together.

The process was one of discovery at first. Thinking about what she loved, what she did not, what she wanted her logo to express. Ideas she had about her name, avoiding a stuffy effect because of that rather formal name, Kingsbury Garden Designs, things like that. We talked a lot and then of course, after a while, it was time.

I went into my trusty creative trance and something started “coming through.” I don’t really understand or know about how this thing happens, but suddenly, there was this mark, which I dubbed “The Leafy K.” It was green, it was leafy, and I was trying not to get too attached to how much I loved it because it was NOTHING like what we had talked about and I was not sure Dorrit would feel equally crazy about it. Here it is:

Kingsbury Garden Designs Letterpress Card

But guess what: she was. There was a good deal of fiddling around with colors, shape and size of the cards, typeface (the marvelous and lively Koch Antiqua, in the end) and then Dorrit had this iconoclastic idea to make The Leafy K pink. But of course! I did it, and it was perfect. We decided on a leafy green for the edge painting on the letterpress ones. That is what you see above: Pink Leafy K with gold foil outlining and gold foil lettering.

The digital version has a pink foil effect on The Leafy K, with a sort of blackberry-deep-purple lettering and of course no edge painting, and it’s on glossy paper. The two, shown side by side below, are the same, but very, very different.

Kingsbury Letterpress and Digital Cards, side by side

Each has its uses and Dorrit says, “WeeHoo! My beautiful letterpress cards … are lovely, elegant, delicate and regal!!! …

“The letterpress ones are more subtle than the digital cards.— Here’s a surprise… I love the gold!!  It is what makes the design delicate and regal at the same time. It really Works!

“And… It’s interesting that, now, I really love the foil in the digital cards (call me crazy) and miss the richness of it in the letterpress leafy K.  WHO KNEW?” Yes, Dorrit is really happy with them — both of them — and says people comment on her logo and cards all the time. (Are we very surprised?)

So, we will have to work on getting everything into one card when we reprint them after she runs out… much of this work is hunt-and-peck, guessing and hoping, because you can’t always tell exactly how a certain technique will work on the paper, or whatever, and sometimes you have to treat it as a very exciting experiment.It will be beautiful to try the pink foil on The Leafy K next time we do the letterpress ones, and see if it’s possible to love it even more than we do now.

It was such a treat to work with Dorrit on this brand design and business cards. We got to know each other through this process, as happens so often. I feel I have a very talented, wonderful new friend.

She has new lawn signs and a new sign for her truck, too. If you go to her website you will see how her work is so lush and textured, and how it relates to this leafy K two-dimensional symbol of it: http://kingsburygardendesigns.com.

Kingsbury Leafy K Business Cards

Her website describes her work as: “Modernist Design with classical sculptural influences for garden and outdoor living spaces. Serving Atherton, Palo Alto and the Peninsula.” It is really Dorrit’s incredibly gorgeous personal vision, her own art form, and it is a wonder. This job was a true collaboration and a true pleasure…with a truly amazing result.


Design: Zida Borcich; Letterpress Printing and Foil Stamping: Rhea Rynearson.

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Bella Viva Business Card

Bella Viva Business Card — Seafoam green ink with gold foil stamping

Interior designer Deanne England recently contacted Studio Z Mendocino because she wanted a new look for her branding of her business, Bella Viva Interior Design, and a new business card. She found us online, and we were both surprised that we live and work only an hour-and-a-half from each other. From the first minute we talked, we knew there was a special spark in the quality of our communications. We “got” each other in the special way that makes you know things are going to be really exciting if you get to work together.

Deanne wanted something elegant that also showed her slightly quirky side too. We talked about the myriad possibilities, the infinity of choices doing any design project … and then I set to work over the weekend.

Right off the bat, I drew this little conundrum of a mark…a flower, maybe?…but if you look closely, you will see the initials “bV” for Bella Viva hidden in the leaves. She loved the mark, even before she saw the initials; then she loved the game of having to look and find the little mystery. She also was very clear that a “seafoam green” be included somehow. The card you see above is the result of our very flowing, mutual creativity.

If you have ever worked with interior designers, you know that there is no detail too small to suffer over until it’s perfect, and that is how we are about printing too. We got along like peas in a pod. Her meticulous attention to keeping things clear guided the project to its happy conclusion.

Ms. England works with clients in both northern & southern California on full scale remodeling & building projects, as well as design consultations in property investment evaluation, home staging analysis, professional organizing solutions, and even event design. Deanne is available by appointment only and welcomes all inquiries regarding her work, design philosophy, and design process. She can be contacted at 626 722 7809.

Deanne was immediately in love with the feel and look of Cranes 600 gram, super-thick Lettra, which takes the “bite” of letterpress techniques like nothing else, and feels wonderfully substantial in the hand.

Bella Viva Business Card Back

The backs of the cards had to be as pretty as the fronts, and they are.

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Larson Finallnacial Planning Client Birthday Cards

Financial, Medical, and Law Professionals often opt for generic offerings from online houses that supply stationery and other kinds of mailing materials. It can make sense because the price is usually right and it doesn’t take too much thought or effort to pick from among their samples. But what is the reaction of the client who receives those mailings?

Christina Larson asked me to do some Client Birthday cards for her — an extension of her beautiful stationery wardrobe you can see in another post here — and this is what I came up with. I have used similar ideas for Christmas cards and people love them. Red paper!

Christina was in love with them when they landed on her doorstep. LFP Birthday Cards & Envelopes

It seems so much more thoughtful to send a custom designed greeting to precious clients who depend on us and whom we depend on, too. These were foil stamped in gold and letterpressed in gray ink on 600 gram (super-thick) Cranes Lettra paper. They feel special, rich, exuberant and real.

Wishing YOU everything wonderful on Thanksgiving!

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Strub Residential orange edge painted business cards

Strub Residential orange edge painted business cards

Mark Strub, of Strub Residential, a real Estate company in Austin, Texas, recently ran out of the gorgeous, thick, square letterpress business cards we made for him a while back, and for his reprint, he wanted a little added pizzazz: edge painting in a color something like a road work orange safety cone. Mark was even contemplating a fluorescent orange. I thought just a bright orange would suffice, so I actually took a Pantone ink color book down the street to match a cone I spotted. I swear, this is a perfect match.

Mark’s design is clean and modern in deep brown ink, but i have to say, that little flash of orange really sends it out of the park. We had to rearrange the typography on the back to reflect some important changes in his business, and we had to make additional cards this time for his new bride, who works with him now.

Strub Residential -- back of business card

Strub Residential — back of business card

Here is what Mark said about the FIRST batch we did for him, particularly about the question of putting photos on real estate cards, or, more precisely, NOT putting photos on them:

I want to reiterate that I LOVE my cards, and so does anyone and everyone that I would care to make an impression on.
I bashfully admit that when I embarked into this profession, my business cards had a HUGE photo of yours truly on them. It was just the way things were done.
As soon as I got bold and took my photo off (when I started my own company) the feedback was really interesting. My card become memorable because it did NOT have my mug on it. People would say, “Oh thank GOD you don’t have a glamor shot on here. Why do REALTORS do that?!” It was a great opportunity to jump into a discussion about how my company is different in other ways as well.
For example, it’s not about ME, it’s about YOU the client. I try to take the ego out of the work I am doing, including negotiating. If I do a SUPERB job for the client, they will sell me to their friends and family better than any glamor shot could. And that is the business I am seeking.
I worked on my “perfect card” for 2+ years with multiple designers. You brought it home for me, and I am really grateful! My card sets the tone, and my service seals the deal. It’s a great combo. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Strub Residential edge painting

Strub Residential edge painting

Taking the ego out, but the mojo is working really well without it, don’t you think?

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Larson FP Letterpress Business Cards

Larson Financial Planning Letterpress Business Cards with gold foil and gray ink

Stationery and business cards for professionals who work in finance, medicine, or law traditionally have skewed toward the conservative extreme in terms of design, color, and layout. Reserved typography in black or navy ink on good quality, cream colored paper used to be the order of the day throughout these professions. It makes sense, in that CPAs, doctors and lawyers are dealing with serious aspects of people’s lives. Their clients want to find the import of these serious services reflected in any printed or online representations. Doctors, for instance, won’t choose red ink for any of their printed materials. You can guess why. Similarly, financial planners, investors or accountants often choose typefaces that remind one of money.

Recently, though, I have been getting calls from people, particularly women professionals, who want to express themselves in a slightly different way. While they don’t want to alarm their customers, they are still looking for something that evokes something a bit more creative and out of the box, something that indicates their own personality, focus, and even gives a tiny nod to gender. Such a one was Christina Larson.

Christina called me one day, saying that she had been “studying” my blog and website and wanted to see if I could work with her on a new logo. She said she had been trying to work with different designers over the years but had never found one who really “got” her. After looking at practically every image on my website and blog, she felt I might have the something she’d been seeking for many years.

I don’t know how these things happen, but she was so very right. I always have fun meeting and working with new clients, but Christina seemed, right from that first conversation, like an old friend. I think she might be in my soul cluster. Here is what i came up with:

Larson Financial Planning Stationery Wardrobe

Larson Financial Planning Stationery Wardrobe

It was a process of discovering what she does, what she likes, how she wants to present herself. It was a conversation and a back and forth and an uncovering. And, may I just say, too, it was really fun.

We talked about her clients, we talked about money, we talked about what she does. Gold came to mind, of course. We thought about green…like dollar-bill green, but ditched that idea in favor of a beautiful warm gray. We talked about stately typefaces juxtaposed with one she had loved on another design she saw on my website. So I used both. Definitely not button-down, definitely not pink unicorns, but definitely something that says “Christina Larson” in all of her uniqueness, savvy, expertise, and warmth. She says that every single time she passes out a card, the reaction is always, “WoW!”

How much of the process is intuition, how much experience, and how much ESP, I can’t tell you. But somehow, the design expressed itself through me, a design that seemed to want to be that design. I felt like my only job was to clear the path to it.

Christina wanted everything! Business cards, of course, which we did up with the same warm gray we used on her name for the edge painting.

LFP Business Cards with Gray Edge Painting

LFP Business Cards with Gray Edge Painting

Back of LFP Business Card

Back of LFP Business Card

Of course she needed letterheads and #10 envelopes. She also wanted thank you notes, and I suggested doing 4 x 9 script cards that would fit into the same envelopes, so we did that, too.

LFP Script Cards with #10 Envelope

LFP Script Cards with #10 Envelope

And mailing labels she could affix to big black envelopes for delivering good news to her clients in a beautiful package.

LFP Mailing Label on Black Envelope

LFP Mailing Label on Black Envelope

She also got digitally printed note pads and even sticky notes with her name on them! And, of course, various RGB and CMYK digital files she can use for Word documents, ads, and on her website.

Now that we have finished the project, we miss each other all the time and keep coming up with more reasons to call each other up and chitchat. I think i have to go to Massachusetts for my next vacation, or she has to come to Mendocino!

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laser die cut cage for wedding invitation

We were commissioned to print the letterpress wedding invitations for a Canadian couple. It’s a little convoluted, this story, because the pedigree of these invitations spans a continent, borders and imagination: The designer (Nicole at Duly Noted) and the stationery store (Duly Noted, in Halifax, Nova Scotia) are in Canada, as is the laser-cutting company that accomplished the incredibly complicated filigree seen above (Laser Creative in Ontario, Canada). They gave me permission to put their photos on my blog. The part played here at Studio Z Mendocino in northern California was to print the invitations and the Rsvps and Rsvp envelopes on very thick white paper in gold foil and black ink. I think it’s incredible and extraordinary in every way, and honestly I wish i had designed it! How utterly gorgeous can you get?

Here is the Rsvp and Envelope. All pieces were printed by Rhea Rynearson on Heidelberg Windmill presses. Black pieces were laser cut at Laser Creative.

Rsvp and envelope

Rsvp and envelope


InvitationInvitations and Rsvps were printed on 600 gram Lettra.

Closeup of invitation

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