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The June cover story on the Mendocino Theatre Company

The June cover story on the Mendocino Theatre Company

REM 650 Cover_01

Very excited about our June issue and the wonderful article writer Sara Liner wrote about Mendocino Theatre Company‘s 36th season, its amazing years of dedication to the dramatic craft, and its new producing director, Felicia Freitas. I was lucky to see one of the last performances of Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo, MTC’s most recent offering. It was breathtaking. I expect more of the same in the coming months.

Go pick up Real Estate Magazine wherever you go in Mendocino County, from the Anderson Valley, to the north and south coasts, to inland…most Realtors’ offices in the county have them, post offices, Harvest in FB and other grocery stores, many shops, the Chamber of Commerce office, lots of the B&Bs,  inns, hotels and motels, too. And of course, you can see it online, here.

REM is G R O W I N G ! We added four pages to last month’s issue and are including more color, more articles and more ads, so the magazine is looking very jaunty. We are kind of on fire about the magazine right now, and the community resource it is. I wanted to mention that, as you know, REM is ad-supported, and, if you go into one of the advertisers’ places of business, please mention you saw their ad. Better yet, if you buy something there, please say that you went in BECAUSE you saw their ad. This attention is why they buy ads in the first place, so it will be very good for them to know their support of REM is working to their advantage, that you enjoy reading it each month and that you appreciate their participation. That’s the way these things go…a big round circle of support for our community and the communities within our community, win-win, mutual back-scratching, and just plain love.

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