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Ira and I are excited to be part of the esteemed Sonoma-Mendocino Coast Whale & Jazz Festival this year. This is the first year the Festival has ventured north of Elk in all its eleven year history, and the gorgeous, newly-reopened Heritage House Resort is a fabulous venue for our “Torch Jazz Supper Club.” There will be two seatings, at 6 and 8 p.m., and the menu for the prix fixe menu sounds amazing. I hope you will come see (and hear) us on May 10th.

Here is the menu:

HH Jazz Festival Rack Card_Page_2

You can find the entire itinerary for the Jazz Festival in the pages of Real Estate Magazine or on the Festival website: whaleandjazzfestival.com. Make your reservations early at 707 202 9000.

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Bella Viva Business Card

Bella Viva Business Card — Seafoam green ink with gold foil stamping

Interior designer Deanne England recently contacted Studio Z Mendocino because she wanted a new look for her branding of her business, Bella Viva Interior Design, and a new business card. She found us online, and we were both surprised that we live and work only an hour-and-a-half from each other. From the first minute we talked, we knew there was a special spark in the quality of our communications. We “got” each other in the special way that makes you know things are going to be really exciting if you get to work together.

Deanne wanted something elegant that also showed her slightly quirky side too. We talked about the myriad possibilities, the infinity of choices doing any design project … and then I set to work over the weekend.

Right off the bat, I drew this little conundrum of a mark…a flower, maybe?…but if you look closely, you will see the initials “bV” for Bella Viva hidden in the leaves. She loved the mark, even before she saw the initials; then she loved the game of having to look and find the little mystery. She also was very clear that a “seafoam green” be included somehow. The card you see above is the result of our very flowing, mutual creativity.

If you have ever worked with interior designers, you know that there is no detail too small to suffer over until it’s perfect, and that is how we are about printing too. We got along like peas in a pod. Her meticulous attention to keeping things clear guided the project to its happy conclusion.

Ms. England works with clients in both northern & southern California on full scale remodeling & building projects, as well as design consultations in property investment evaluation, home staging analysis, professional organizing solutions, and even event design. Deanne is available by appointment only and welcomes all inquiries regarding her work, design philosophy, and design process. She can be contacted at 626 722 7809.

Deanne was immediately in love with the feel and look of Cranes 600 gram, super-thick Lettra, which takes the “bite” of letterpress techniques like nothing else, and feels wonderfully substantial in the hand.

Bella Viva Business Card Back

The backs of the cards had to be as pretty as the fronts, and they are.

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REM 660 Cover_01

Two stories to add to your “Who Knew Department” file cabinet…Jim Tarbell writes about the long and very GREEN history and future of our county’s public transportation system. Since 1976, the MTA has quietly been providing inexpensive alternatives to driving around in your own buggy. Now, with a fleet of forty-nine vehicles, serving over 311,000 riders, and traveling over 745,000 miles last year, the MTA is geared to fulfill their mission “To provide safe, courteous, reliable, affordable and carbon-neutral transportation services.” The tall order is bolstered by having received a five million dollar grant to build a zero-net-energy maintenance building. Read all about it in REM today! 

On a totally unrelated subject, the south coast, for the last eleven years, has hosted a wonderful, weeks-long music festival with the totally coastal name of the Sonoma-Mendocino Coast Whale and Jazz Festival. This year, the festival migrates north all the way to Little River, the first time it’s ventured north of Elk. The musical lineup looks scintillating, and it’s all here for you to discover in this month’s issue of REM.

Of course, it’s called “Real Estate Magazine” and guess what the main event is: yep…REAL ESTATE! Find out what’s moving for April. Maybe your dream house will show up.

Pick up your copy soon, or you can read it here…And thank you for appreciating Real Estate Magazine! It’s a local community resource like no other!

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