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Mary Kate's New Busines Card

We had so much fun working with Mary Kate McKenna. Her design worked beautifully for the letterpress process…three ink color runs on super-premium Cranes Lettra 600 gram cover stock. Here’s what Mary Kate had to say when they arrived at her new house: “WOW! So beautiful!” Here are a couple of other shots she sent and also put on HER blog http://mk2weddings.blogspot.com/2009/01/new-business-cards.html 

Back of card


Mary Kate 2

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Our poster for the local celebration of the Inauguration.

Our poster for the local celebration of the Inauguration.

Today, people from up and down the Mendocino Coast gathered in the small town of Caspar (pop. 317) to watch the inaugural address and Aretha Franklin in her unbelievable hat (Baby I Love You!) over coffee and breakfast. We designed this poster, which drew a crowd of around 200 people.

It was a lively, packed house spiced with hundreds of hollering, clapping, crying, hugging and kissing progressives who populate our incredible community. Children, K- third grade, from the Montessori school down the street finished up the celebration, singing This Land is Your Land, and many, many verses of Let Your Light Shine…everyone joining in with voices and hand jive. I LOVE MY COMMUNITY!! What a grand day, a great day in our country and the world.

“What if the mightiest word is love…” Indeed…

Love, Zida

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Ricky's House of Cards

Ricky's House of Cards

What would anybody give for a customer like this? Ricky Restiano loved his business cards so much that he made an A-frame HOUSE out of them. Go to his blog http://rickyrestiano.com/blog.html to see the whole affair…WITH a little video. It’s worth the trip. Thank you, Ricky. I can’t believe you did this! It totally made my day to see the evolution of it. It has been so much fun to work with you all along the way. Here are Ricky’s comments about his new business cards:

“Since the beginning of my photographic career, I have been searching for unique business cards. I can’t stand poorly designed logos and business stationery. I am so lucky to have found what, I think, are the coolest business cards around.  Letterpress.  For those of you not familiar with letterpress stationery, the inked type is printed on a very heavy paper stock with the printing debossed into the paper. I found a company that has done many cards for photographers. Studio Z, in California. Zida was an absolute pleasure to do business with and really helped with the final layout and design of the card. For all of you that really want a rare style invitation, I strongly recommend something letterpress. Seriously, you will never see anything like it. Don’t believe me stop by and pick up one of my new cards!!

“When it came to photographing it, I certainly could not just take a simple picture!  I had to do something out of the ordinary. The fact that the cards are so thick made them perfect materials to build a house of cards!” Ricky Restiano

A-frame House of Cards!

A-frame House of Cards!

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In 2008, we received more requests than ever to do over-the-top-gorgeous business cards for photographers around the country, and recent requests suggest these cards are on the international circuit, too.

So a great big THANK YOU and a Happy New Year to the photographers who by word-of-mouth and sleight-of-hand are making Studio-Z a household (darkroom?) name. And, if you’re a photographer visiting this blog for the first time, Welcome – we invite you to read the posts below for inspiration.





The list of photographers we designed and printed for in 2008 is long and stellar. It includes: 

A note on Ross: Ross, a photographer and gifted web site designer who specializes in work for internationally noted wedding photographers, introduced many amazing wedding photographers to our letterpress studio here on the remote coast of Northern California, and our work. Thank you, Ross, I love to work with you.

It was a joy to work with you ALL in 2008. I wish you — and your business cards — many auspicious meetings in 2009!

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I admit to being a bit of an obsessive about movies, so this issue of Real Estate Magazine, that features a story about the Mendocino Film Festival is very dear to my heart. This year’s lineup looks fantastic, as usual. I can hardly wait to see the shorts and the Cold War movies, starting of course with the Mendocino-made 1966 classic The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming! (Something sounds familiar in that The Sky Is Falling title, don’t you think?)

Copies are distributed all around the county, in over 300 locations, and you can also read all about it online at our website: http://www.realestatemendocino.com.

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Studio Z Mendocino designs custom cards for any occasion, pairing a client with one of our two in-house designers so that you can be involved at every stage, from design to production, and the card can say exactly what you mean.


One of our favorite clients, Lynette, of Newport Beach, California, designed her beautiful Christmas card this year with Studio Z’s Zoe Bachelor. The folder was a dark pine green with an iridescent, paler green foil depicting a vintage Christmas scene, a carriage with a top-hatted driver. Tucked inside was a three-panel folder of a lighter green stock, and printed in dark pine green ink was a quote from Dr. Seuss’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and a reminder that the holiday is about more than just buttons and bows.

A few days ago, we got this note from her assistant: “Lynette LOVES the Christmas card and it has won the prize amongst her friends for the ‘best card of the season. ” So appropriate for the times!”


Over the years Zoe has designed, and Studio Z Mendocino has printed and produced, many invitations to weddings and special events Lynette has planned, and extraordinary Holiday cards for her family that we are very proud of. We are grateful to have been able to work with her and the matchless sense of style, design and attention to detail she brings to each project.

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