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Larson Finallnacial Planning Client Birthday Cards

Financial, Medical, and Law Professionals often opt for generic offerings from online houses that supply stationery and other kinds of mailing materials. It can make sense because the price is usually right and it doesn’t take too much thought or effort to pick from among their samples. But what is the reaction of the client who receives those mailings?

Christina Larson asked me to do some Client Birthday cards for her — an extension of her beautiful stationery wardrobe you can see in another post here — and this is what I came up with. I have used similar ideas for Christmas cards and people love them. Red paper!

Christina was in love with them when they landed on her doorstep. LFP Birthday Cards & Envelopes

It seems so much more thoughtful to send a custom designed greeting to precious clients who depend on us and whom we depend on, too. These were foil stamped in gold and letterpressed in gray ink on 600 gram (super-thick) Cranes Lettra paper. They feel special, rich, exuberant and real.

Wishing YOU everything wonderful on Thanksgiving!

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Cover of December REM


I am very excited about this month’s editorial. Just in time for the holidays, it’s a compilation of articles about five different organizations/non-profits/projects that do so much goodness in our communities. All of them need and deserve our support. Pick up a copy now at news stands all over the county. Features are:

Baby, It’s Cold Outside: Shannon Hughes’ coat and blanket drive that she operates on her own, with contributions by community members. Inspiring and awesome.

A Room With a Soul: how community came together to create a special room that is for all patients but made especially comfortable for end-of-life patients. Beautiful community.

Safe Passage Family Resource Center: A place to start for families who are having a hard time. Humbling.

Mendocino Community Foundation: Legacy giving makes possible many, many amazing projects in the county.

Mendocino Coast Children’s Fund: a safety net for children provides necessities and essentials, hopes and dreams.

It’s all heart and I hope you will go get one and read it soon. it’s online too, http://www.realestatemendocino.com


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