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Strub Residential orange edge painted business cards

Strub Residential orange edge painted business cards

Mark Strub, of Strub Residential, a real Estate company in Austin, Texas, recently ran out of the gorgeous, thick, square letterpress business cards we made for him a while back, and for his reprint, he wanted a little added pizzazz: edge painting in a color something like a road work orange safety cone. Mark was even contemplating a fluorescent orange. I thought just a bright orange would suffice, so I actually took a Pantone ink color book down the street to match a cone I spotted. I swear, this is a perfect match.

Mark’s design is clean and modern in deep brown ink, but i have to say, that little flash of orange really sends it out of the park. We had to rearrange the typography on the back to reflect some important changes in his business, and we had to make additional cards this time for his new bride, who works with him now.

Strub Residential -- back of business card

Strub Residential — back of business card

Here is what Mark said about the FIRST batch we did for him, particularly about the question of putting photos on real estate cards, or, more precisely, NOT putting photos on them:

I want to reiterate that I LOVE my cards, and so does anyone and everyone that I would care to make an impression on.
I bashfully admit that when I embarked into this profession, my business cards had a HUGE photo of yours truly on them. It was just the way things were done.
As soon as I got bold and took my photo off (when I started my own company) the feedback was really interesting. My card become memorable because it did NOT have my mug on it. People would say, “Oh thank GOD you don’t have a glamor shot on here. Why do REALTORS do that?!” It was a great opportunity to jump into a discussion about how my company is different in other ways as well.
For example, it’s not about ME, it’s about YOU the client. I try to take the ego out of the work I am doing, including negotiating. If I do a SUPERB job for the client, they will sell me to their friends and family better than any glamor shot could. And that is the business I am seeking.
I worked on my “perfect card” for 2+ years with multiple designers. You brought it home for me, and I am really grateful! My card sets the tone, and my service seals the deal. It’s a great combo. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Strub Residential edge painting

Strub Residential edge painting

Taking the ego out, but the mojo is working really well without it, don’t you think?

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