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Everybody’s favorite pooch Hairy Putter is the coverboy of this month’s Real Estate Magazine. He penned the editorial about being Mendocino County’s Canine Ambassador and Director of Barketing for pet friendly Mendocino. Did you even know that Fort Bragg is one of the top five pet friendliest places in the US? YES! Well, read all about it if you are anywhere in the county or HERE  if you live someplace else!


The pictures of Hairy in many of his vast array of guises are worth the price of admission. Well, the magazine’s FREE so never mind that! But really, he is so adorable and the hardest working dog in the barketing business.

We are excited to have this issue out now because things seem to be heating up a little bit in the real estate market around here and the tourists are starting to arrive and lots of them are bringing their pets along and lots of them are looking at houses and businesses because it’s the most glorious spring anybody can remember and everybody wants to move here and get in on all the crazy cheap prices. All in all, we are very happy to be participating in the reemergence of hope in our county. Pick up a copy today!

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