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Here are Fred Egan’s business cards (www.fredegan.com). Fred’s wedding photos are white hot, so we thought he should have business cards to match. We adapted Fred’s logo for letterpress, and came up with the idea of printing it on the front using pearl foil on 600 gram Crane’s Lettra paper. We used a deep blacky-red ink on the back, and both sides were deeply impressed. (As were his clients, we hear).

We also printed matching script cards and envelopes. What’s a script card? It’s a 4″ x 9″ card printed on heavy stock. Also known in Hollywood as the ‘buck slip,’ actors and directors paper-clip script cards to scripts with their notes, i.e., “Loved it!” or “Hated it!” Script cards make spectacular thank you notes, and eliminate the expense of printing specially sized thank you card envelopes.

Fred Egan is kind of a superstar — who else could lead a roadtrip of photographers across the country? And we’re very happy to be on the bandwagon.

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San Francisco-based photographer Ben Chrisman’s business card reflects the modern grace of his wedding photography (http://www.benchrisman.com/) and (http:www.benchrisman.com/blog/).

To make this cards, we adapted Ben’s logo, designed by his web designer Ross Tanner (www.flosites.com), for letterpress printing. We used pearl foil for the logo and two different shades of grey ink for his name on very thick Crane’s Lettra. The result was this beautiful card, itself a cause for celebration!

Here’s how he felt about them:

“I have had a great time passing my cards out. You’re right, I give them out all the time now. It’s amazing how many ways you find to do something when you are proud of it.”

We just finished Ben’s new letterhead, script cards, envelopes and mailing labels. AMAZING.

Photos to come soon!

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