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Don’t miss this one…it’s so inspiring to know about these generous, beautiful, amazing people who unselfishly make time in their busy lives to help so many who can’t help themselves. We are so lucky to know them. Pick up a copy at over 300 locations around the county, or read it online at www.realestatemendocino.com

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PLAN AHEAD for 2012 Kentucky Derby Parties NOW! Invitation-in-a-Box Sets the Tone for a Horsey-Chic Soiree.

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It’s not too early to start planning your Kentucky Derby party for 2012. I know, Animal Kingdom has hardly stopped sweating, but believe me, a Kentucky Derby party worth its julep is going to take lots of creativity and lining things up in advance. You don’t want to get down to the wire and suddenly find the best party planners have already been booked, or that the guests you counted on have already responded to another save-the-date.

You might want to emulate this invitation we created to a Kentucky-Derby-theme birthday party that happened last December here in California. We printed them letterpress on super thick white paper, which we mounted to a gorgeous, deep red backing sheet. That formed a frame and gave the piece even more presence. Then we put it into a deep red BOX. The mailing labels mimicked the horse theme and we tied the whole thing up with a skinny little brown ROPE. We included also in the box instructions about its being a surprise party, and a directions-to-the-venue card. Everything went into a FedEx box and was delivered one-day-air.

The tickets were also printed letterpress on the same super-thick white stock, replete with a perforated stub to make them look even more official. I love the idea that they were sent in a subsequent mailing in #10 Cranes square flap envelopes, which only added to the anticipation for all the fun.

.The party was a hit and everything went off without a hitch, so to speak. Perfect food and drinks, perfect place, perfect guest list, perfect everything. And it was a complete surprise. A perfect winner.

We have been doing lots of wedding invitations in boxes over the last few years, and the idea in this post can be adapted to any number of party or reception themes. Boxes come in a big array of colors and we can choose gorgeous contrasting ribbons to tie them up and an infinity of different ways to make them uniquely your own.

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You can read all about the Anderson Valley Pinot noir Festival in Real Estate Magazine’s current issue. Distributed to over 300 locations county-wide and online, you will be in the know about wine goings-on this time. Brendan McGuigan wrote the piece and it’s fabulous.

Find out about latest real estate listings, businesses for sale, land deals, all in one unique place. There is no other real estate magazine that I know of that has a local-angle feature in every issue. Every two weeks, REM comes out with something you may not have known about before…all with an eye to Why Mendocino County Is A Fabulous Place to Live. Peek under the surface with Real Estate Magazine. We listen to your comments, so please comment away!

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The two most-asked questions I get from email inquiries are what you see in the title of this post. The answers depend on so many things that it’s almost impossible to pin it down. But I want to address these questions because having these cards is a kind of spendy proposition, and it takes more time than most printing, but it can be so worth it because the cards say such good things about you when you are out of earshot.They tell a big story about your talent, your attention to detail, your fabulous aesthetic and hipness quotient. They get more attention and they get more jobs. They are audacious and they are convincing. They are worth it, in other words.

As beautiful Lara Rios said the other day…”Everything goes up and nothing ever goes down.” That is too true. Paper costs have been out of sight the last couple of years. And we use such extra-special papers that it’s even truer for us.

So, what does it cost to get your hands on some of these fabulosity-drenched business cards? Let’s say you already have a logo that you love. Let’s say it is a two color design, which can translate to two ink colors or two foil colors or one of each.

If you get 1000 cards made up with two color runs, printed front and back, on super thick 600 gram Lettra or on even thicker black or colored Museum Mount, it will usually come in around $1100 or $1200. Adding a third color run will add about $225 to $250 for extra dies and printing to that price. Edge painting is additional too.

Yes, I know. It starts around one dollar per card, plus. If you think you would like to save money by getting fewer cards, it is something you need to think hard about because, in printing, it’s always “cheaper by the dozen.” I mean, cutting the quantity in half does NOT result in half the price. This is because the prepress things are in that price no matter if you get one or ten thousand. In the end, getting MORE cards actually saves money in the long run.

Five hundred of the same sort of card will not be $600, but will be more like $800+, so the unit price, in this case, goes up to $1.60 per card. This will make you really think hard about giving your cards away, which defies the whole concept of getting your name out there. So we recommend doing more than less, if you possibly can.

Now, the question of how long it will take: I have done cards in one day, in five days, and I have taken a YEAR to get cards out the door. This usually depends on the customer’s ability to make a decision and we were not working on the card every minute of that time. I promise.

We usually like to say it will take between two and half to four weeks, depending on what is lined up on our press schedule and what processes have to be done to the card, how long it takes to get paper and dies lined up and so forth. If they will be edge painted, that adds one and a half to two weeks to the timeline. Sorry this is so nebulous, but it is the truth. We can really go fast if everything is in place but sometimes it is not so super fast.

If you need a new logo, that too is not easy to pin down. Everything is custom, so we would need to talk about your needs before venturing an estimate. But we do logos and branding and websites here, too. Just ask.

I hope this is helpful and that you will call soon. 707 964 2522 We would love to work with you on your next business cards and stationery, your invitations or announcements, your website or branding.

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Coast Village Design Group‘s Wendy Carpenter contacted Studio Z Mendocino when she decided to re-brand her interior design company. Wendy is one of the most meticulous people with whom I have worked, with very definite ideas that, combined with her concurrent openness to collaboration, perfect sense of timeless style, and down-to-earth personality, made this card an incredible experience for me, with an extraordinary outcome. They perfectly reflect Wendy’s creativity and design sensibilities.

Printed on super-thick, cream colored museum mount stock that takes the impression of letterpress like nobody’s business, Coast Village Design Group’s cards were printed in a very pale cream color for the decorative flourish, a deeper khaki colored ink on the back, with rich charcoal gray for the type, and set off in gold foil for the script “V” on the front, and “Interiors” on the back. The back design was inspired by this ancient window arch:

We printed the back outside border around a hand drawn arch in this gorgeous khaki color. The pressure of the border visually popped the interior of the arch up, giving the cards an opulence of textural interest.

We feel very proud of the inventiveness and craftswomanship in these small, powerful pieces of art.

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Tony and Lisa Geer have created one of the coziest, most appealing restaurants on the Mendocino Coast. Pearched right on the edge of the continent, in Albion, California, The Ledford House offers diners a panoply of pleasures: wonderful cuisine with a French accent, tasty jazz every night, a fabulous bar that looks right out to the end of the horizon, and in the dining room a wall of windows onto the ever-changing deep blue sea. It’s not unusual to view whales gamboling offshore and I personally saw the Green Flash from their west deck, the only sighting ever for me, but something they treat rather cavalierly, since they have seen so many. It’s no wonder The Ledford House is one of our favorite places to meet friends or just go out for a date. It feels special while maintaining a hominess rivaled only by…well, by home. I took this picture from our table the last time we went to dinner there after totally watching a pod of whales spouting very close to our table…

So, imagine how thrilled I was when Tony and Lisa came by and wanted to get new letterpressed business cards from Studio Z. While we were at it, we gave the layout a little bump up, making “Ledford” bigger and using a copper foil instead of the bronze they had before. The cards are so cool.

With a map on the back and a place to write notes, these three color cards — sagey green, aubergine and copper foil– printed on 300 gram Cranes Lettra, are not only gorgeous but eminently useful. Too lovely to throw away, too big to put in a wallet, you will find them stuck on refrigerators and propped on mantels all over the world.

We love the Ledford House and Tony and Lisa love their new cards.

They totally express the quality of the experience offered by the Ledford’s hospitality and attentive, delicious, fun-filled ambiance.

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Ben and Rebekah Hood of West Palm Beach, Florida named their photography company for the Greek word that means “Beautiful”: KALLIMA. They brought their BEAUTIFUL, edgy logo design to Studio Z Mendocino to transform it into a business card that would further intensify the branding for what they do: Beautiful Wedding, Engagement and LifeStyle photography.

We printed the image and contact information in black ink onto extra-large (a four inch square), extra-thick Cranes Lettra 600 gram paper. Here are their own words about the process and finished product:

It was a three or four-month process…getting everything perfectly designed and laid out, uploaded, ordered…and working with Studio Z Mendocino out of california was so easy. They were so helpful and really aided us in coming up with our final product…our new business card. Studio Z does business cards for some really talented people: Ben Chrisman, fred egan, and Poser Image to name a few. When Erik Clausen of Poser Image referred them to us, we were immediately hooked.

Introducing the new, fabulous business cards for Kallima Photography!

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As someone who is crazy about movies, this issue of Real Estate Magazine that features the Mendocino Film Festival is dear to my heart. The lineup this year looks fantastic. Of course. It’s such an incredible community event each year. I can hardly wait to see the short features and the Cold War-themed films, starting with the Mendocino-made 1966 class, The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming! (Something seems familiar about that THE SKY IS FALLING THE SKY IS FALLING title, no?) The cover poster from the movie is one of the most hilarious photos I have ever seen.

You can pick up your copy of REM all over the county at over 300 locations, or you can read all about it online at our website, http://www.realestatemagazine.com.

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