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It was exciting to work with Stephen Dohring on his new super-thick, black Museum Mount business cards because he had definite, strong ideas and at the same time was wonderfully flexible. Once again, the full 1/16 of an inch thickness of the paper takes maximum punch, with no flicker on the other side. We used a silvery foil on front and back and as you can see, they are stunning show stoppers.

Stephen also ordered script cards and square flap Cranes #10 envelopes, plus 5.5″ x 4.25″ mailing labels he can put on big black envelopes and boxes. We used gorgeous Cranes Crest 28 pound papers for everything, and printed in dense black ink, the essence of letterpress printing…


The third dimension of letterpress printing showed off his gorgeous logo to full advantage. This is the essence of letterpress printing. It says what it means and means what it says: It says, “I am serious. I pay attention to detail. I have an eye for quality.” You can see Stephen’s amazing eye at stephendohring.com.

We were thrilled to get his note when he received his parcel of freshly printed collateral:

“Got everything! Killer job. I thought I would be impressing people with my cards and thank you notes but now I think I am influencing them! lol    thanks again! Steve”

Thank YOU, Stephen, it’s our pleasure.

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