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The Bracebridge Dinner Company — Photo by Lani Spicer

Last summer I had the great pleasure of having dinner with Andrea Fulton, producer, director and star of The Bracebridge Dinner at Yosemite, and her partner Lani Spicer.

Andrea Fulton

It was a very fun dinner party with our friends Howard Ennes, who invited me in the first place, and Cindy Frank, whom I have known and loved for years, at a little restaurant that overlooks the Noyo Bridge and the fishing boats making their way in from the day’s work.

We had such a great time that evening, I invited Andrea and Lani to come visit my shop on their way out of town the next day. They did come, though later on, Andrea told me she had not really been that interested in seeing a printshop, but they decided they liked me enough to make the stop. When they came in and saw all the work and designs and samples we have around, Andrea and Lani both kind of flipped about everything.

We ended up spending a couple of hours showing and telling, laughing and screaming, and then sending them off with piles of samples to show to her business partner, Margo McCarty. It turned out they had been trying to get a business card they really loved for ages, and when she saw all the stuff in my shop it seemed they had finally found the person who could give it to them. They had.

Fast forward several weeks…all three of them made a field trip to Fort Bragg to see what I could come up with. They had certain elements already in place, like the jester’s hat, and strong ideas about what they wanted the card to “say,” that impression that had to have so much in it about their incredible work.

It’s not usual to have this happen, but we spent most of the day working away, all putting in opinions, dreams, ideas, on all the elements, sort of “design while-u-wait,” with a wise break in the middle when they all traipsed off to get a coffee and ended up going on a shopping spree. When they finally got back with valises full of clothes, I had came up with a design they absolutely adored.

After our day’s labors, we all went out to dinner again to celebrate our long collaboration and happy success. These foodies are definitely my kind of people!

As you can see, we printed the cards up on our favorite, super-thick, 600 gram Cranes Lettra, using black ink and copper foil on both sides. The cards embrace both edges of the personality of the amazing extravaganza Christmas pageant, held each December at The Ahwahnee in Yosemite — the opulent, artful, delicious side…AND…the funny, goofy, tongue-in-cheeky side as well.

We are beside ourselves to be going to The Bracebridge Dinner at Yosemite this year, the SIXTIETH anniversary of the show. The experience of doing these business cards with Andrea, Margo and Lani was so much more than a business transaction. We all ended up falling in LOVE with each other. How can I possibly be so lucky in this life and work I do? I dunno. I am so happy about it though.


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