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Beachcomber-Stryker-Ad-2009We have been working with the amazing Pam Amante, owner of the Beachcomber Motel On the Beach, in Fort Bragg, California. We designed a full page ad for the new Visitor’s Guide that will be coming out in our area soon, and rack card for her beach front lodging. This all started because she stopped by to chat one day while on a walk. When she showed Zida her business cards, Zida rather bluntly said, Oh, maybe you need a new logo! Pam, never having given this a single minute of thought before, started looking at other things we have designed and printed and got very intrigued, and suddenly we were working on a bunch of new fabulous things for her. In the process of working on her business cards, her rack card, her new stationery and envelopes, and other ads, Zida and Pam have decided that they are actually “sisters.” “We love each other!” It’s so much fun to work with Pam because she just GETS IT. “I love the ad so much…I almost cried…I should say it moved me to tears of happiness! Thank you so much. I love it, love it, love it!!!!!!!” (7 exclamation marks!) When she picked up her business cards she said the most classic thing ever: “I just never knew these business cards could make me so HAPPY!

Zida’s notes: The thing I go for when designing ads or new logos or anything, really, is something called “fittingness.” I want the layout, typefaces, images or photos, colors and overallĀ  mood to visually express the soul of the person or business I am working for. Pam’s motel is breezy, easy, fun, relaxed and in the most enviable location you can imagine, steps away from the headlands and beaches, just north of Fort Bragg. Her foil stamped “Swoosh” talks about the waves and breezes that play around her place every day. The motel has been in her family for generations and she and her brother Bob have updated and upgraded it to be a place where people come, and come back again over the years, bringing their children and families, friends and relations. It is very special, just like Pam.

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