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 Inter-generational contact forges lifelong relationships and mutual learning opportunities: everybody wins.

One measure of a community is in how it cares for its youngest and its oldest members. Two creative grassroots organizations, independently and together, link the generations in a circle of protection, care, nurturance, respect, and fun. Redwood Coast Senior Center and Mendocino Coast Children’s Fund are keys to better living through big-hearted, very effective programs. Read about their work and plans for the future. These two organizations make us proud to belong to such a caring, loving community. Pick up your copy at all the usual places: Realty offices up and down the coast, in the Anderson Valley, Fort Bragg, Mendo and Comptche post offices, Harvest Markets, Inns, B&Bs, and other lodging places all over the county. Our awesome distribution puts REMs wherever you are. Please share them too. Real Estate Magazine covers almost all the Realtors’ listings for houses, commercial properties and land on the coast, plus provides a valuable community resource and a forum for interesting topics each month. We are so proud that REM is such a loyally-read and valued publication. Thank you all for appreciating it, too!

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REM 666 Cover_01

The October issue of Real Estate Magazine is out on newsstands, and in post offices, grocery stores, inns and motels, restaurants, and many other places around the county NOW. Pick up your copy and learn about Gloriana Theater Company’s next offering, a story about a bipolar mom and her family. The fact that it’s a pop/rock musical is intriguing. Our editorial by Lisa Norman explores mental health issues in our county today. Peruse the ads and find out what’s shakin’ around real estate this month!

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REM August 2014 Cover

“Art and performance transcend the concept of entertainment. They offer another way to address ideas. In my opinion, the weakest use of the art form is self-expression. The best use is seeing theater as a platform to discuss and navigate ideas beyond self-interest—to put us in front of issues we can’t reconcile. When kids sing through an idea, they get to places and develop a skill set beyond what’s taught in the industry. SPACE’s techniques create critical thinkers. They push issues but leave room for people to think for themselves.” Andrew Kircher, teacher at SPACE (School of Performing Arts and Cultural Education)

That quote just knocks me out. It is perspicacious, sagacious, and as zippy as the school it’s written about! The article in this month’s issue of Real Estate Magazine takes us “over the hill” to our county seat, Ukiah, where two far-seeing women founded a performing arts school many years ago, which has become a remarkable institution that supports hundreds of kids in their creativity, fearlessness, and critical thinking skills. It’s such an inspiring article and I feel really proud to have it in our pages this month.

Pick up your copy of Real Estate Magazine at all the usual places all over the county.

Find out what’s on the market, what’s in escrow, and what looks enticing while you learn little-known facts about the incredible, illustrious place we live. Mendocino County really is so great, don’t you think? We live here in Paradise with the most interesting, brilliant, creative people. How lucky we are!


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Resilient Villages Cover Story for June issue of REM

Resilient Villages Cover Story for June issue of REM

There’s still time for you to grab your June issue of Real Estate Magazine. In addition to all the properties for sale on the coast, there is a wonderful story by Michael Potts that describes mighty little Caspar’s process for creating a lasting, healthy, sustaiable community. It’s so inspiring to know that human beings, with all their passions and disagreements, can come together with understanding, integrity, and flexibility for the sake of the greater whole. I know you will enjoy reading it. If you can’t find a copy at all the usual spots (Post Offices, Harvest, all Realty offices up and down the coast, in lots of lodging places and stores, at the Caspar Community Center, and more), you can read it on our website: http://www.realestatemendocino.com. Click the current and past issues button and read away.



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REM 660 Cover_01

Two stories to add to your “Who Knew Department” file cabinet…Jim Tarbell writes about the long and very GREEN history and future of our county’s public transportation system. Since 1976, the MTA has quietly been providing inexpensive alternatives to driving around in your own buggy. Now, with a fleet of forty-nine vehicles, serving over 311,000 riders, and traveling over 745,000 miles last year, the MTA is geared to fulfill their mission “To provide safe, courteous, reliable, affordable and carbon-neutral transportation services.” The tall order is bolstered by having received a five million dollar grant to build a zero-net-energy maintenance building. Read all about it in REM today! 

On a totally unrelated subject, the south coast, for the last eleven years, has hosted a wonderful, weeks-long music festival with the totally coastal name of the Sonoma-Mendocino Coast Whale and Jazz Festival. This year, the festival migrates north all the way to Little River, the first time it’s ventured north of Elk. The musical lineup looks scintillating, and it’s all here for you to discover in this month’s issue of REM.

Of course, it’s called “Real Estate Magazine” and guess what the main event is: yep…REAL ESTATE! Find out what’s moving for April. Maybe your dream house will show up.

Pick up your copy soon, or you can read it here…And thank you for appreciating Real Estate Magazine! It’s a local community resource like no other!

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REM 659 Cover_01

I’m very excited that Gowan Batist and Virginia Loperena put their heads and hearts together to write the latest article for Real Estate Magazine. The subject is Noyo Food Forest, and it is… well, let me gush: wonderful. These insanely hard working, savvy young women are food pioneers here on the coast, doing things nobody is doing anywhere else, effectively crusading for a sustainable local food system, and all the while making agriculture look cool to high school students. Noyo Food Forest is amazing. Wait till you read all about it: NFF.

You can pick up a copy of Real Estate Magazine on the north and south coast, all. along the Anderson Valley 128 Route, and inland. Look for them at any post office, Harvest in FB, all Realtors’ offices, and many inns, motels, and stores all over the county. Or you can read it online here. See what’s moving, what’s shakin’, and what’s fresh and interesting in Mendocino County.


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February cover of REM

February cover of REM

Our new issue is out on newsstands all over the county now. Brendan McGuigan wrote our cover story this month, about the fabulous Stornetta Public Lands. I can’t wait to go whale watching down there soon! Pick up a copy, or you can read it online here. There’s also a little story about the exciting upcoming Mendocino County Museum Road Show and another about the tokens for bags at Harvest Market that has raised over $24,000 for local charities. Find out what’s moving and what’s for sale, and just maybe you will find your dream house!


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