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Audrey Snow is as gorgeous in front of a camera’s lens as she is intuitive and talented behind it. Audrey wanted business cards that interpreted her singular style as a wedding and boudoir photographer.  Audrey’s blog post describes the cards we recently delivered to her thus:

I have always been a very tactile person.  The type of person who must touch every fabric she walks by in a store.  The type of person who believes a picture is more beautiful on paper that feels nice to touch.  It is no surprise then, that I have longed for letterpress business cards for years.  Feeling the print smashed into a luxurious paper, with a pretty design and the perfect font…  it gives the beholder an experience that stimulates the sense of touch and sight simultaneously…  and it makes me giddy. Check out our new letterpress cards by Studio Z Mendocino. I love the way our logo seems to sit on a pillow, and the pearly sheen Zida added to the swirly design. Aren’t they pretty?

The wonderful photos Audrey sent of her new letterpress business cards capture the sheen, gleam, shimmer, sexiness and arresting thickness of the 600 gram Cranes Lettra paper we printed them on.substance

The backs are almost as fab as the highly textured, pearly fronts…

All the type is printed in chocolate brown ink.

What happens when you pass a card like this to a prospective client? Usually stunned silence, open mouthed wonder. They do not get stuffed into the bag nor tossed into the waste basket. They are too beautiful and too precious and too-too. Memorable, arresting, important. Aside from this papery photo shoot, you can see other of Audrey’s fabulous work at audreyshowphotography.com

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