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Everybody is drawing names and worrying about what to get for so-and-so, who needs so many things (or already has everything he or she needs). Not another necktie! And slippers…nuh uh… Cozy jammies are always nice, but maybe there is something even more appealing and creative, don’t you think? A fabulous and elegant solution to the yearly dilemma could be a Gift Certificate for Graphic Design and Letterpress Printing from Studio Z Mendocino. You still have time to order one and have it delivered in time for the Holidays, all gussied up in a pretty colored envelope, letterpress printed on premium paper, in the amount your budget allows.

Your special someone will appreciate having personalized letterpress printing and creative work done up by the designers and crafts people here at Studio Z Mendocino. To get some idea of the array of work that is available, go to our web site www.studio-z.com or look around on our blog for more recent work. A calling card, correspondence papers, stationery, a new logo, extraordinary business cards for the entrepreneurs on your list, or even something toward the bride and groom’s upcoming wedding invitation.

Name the amount you wish to give, send us their names and addresses, and we will take care of it from there.


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Curtis GuestJamie Lee Curtis discovered Studio Z almost 15 years ago. I was working late and got a call and a voice said, “Hello, my name is Jamie Curtis. I saw some printing you did for Angelica Houston and I was wondering if you could do some for me.” She has been my costumer ever since. She is an inveterate thank you note writer and we have printed her letterheads and envelopes, thank you notes, mailing labels. The latest addition to her stationery wardrobe are these deluxe letterpress printed gift tags. They were printed with a deep impression on the super thick 600 gram Cranes Lettra paper. The large hole allows for a multitude of ribbon, wire and string options perfect for any gift or wrapping paper. We printed half of them with Curtis in black ink and Guest (her husband Christopher Guest’s last name) in grey and the other half is the opposite.

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