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From Shari DeAngelo: I want to tell you how wonderful the cards are.  It’s absolutely fascinating to watch people’s reaction to them.  I cannot tell you how much I love them.   LOVE them.

Shari DeAngelo’s new logo is quite unlike anything I have created before. Shari wanted everything to look organic (and chic), as well as BE organic (and chic). This was one of those Divine Intervention things. I drew the tree and showed it to Shari and that was it. For the heck of it, I made a posse of other trees but I knew the first one was the real beauty. I could tell by how hard my heart pounded when I finished it.

It was tremendously satisfying to work with Shari on her new branding because she had a very clear idea of who she is and what her brand means, yet was amazingly open to the creative process and what it brought forth. We used khaki colored Museum Mount, pressing the tree in pearl foil and her name in gold foil on the front, and brown ink on the back. We went for an unusually deep hit on the front side to give it an almost bas relief effect. This paper is so thick that it can take this kind of treatment and not put too much of a flicker of impression on the back side.

We made thank you notes and envelopes for Shari. Above, you see the big, triangular back flap of her envelopes.

Out of the offcuts from her cards, she had us make little hole-drilled hang tags, which she uses in a multitude of ways. All of Shari’s packaging is green, green, green. Nothing wasted, nothing that is not recyclable and recycled. She uses burlap bags for her dvds, rafia ribbons for tying, and eco-packing for shipping prints. It is this kind of conscious monitoring that will save the world, one decision at a time. She thinks about every single thing she sends out and its impact on the environment, all the while retaining her vision and aesthetic.

By nature, letterpress printing has always had a much smaller footprint than other forms of printing. There is much less paper wasted in the make-ready process than any other type of printing, and we save almost all the scraps, either for running smaller jobs or giving to the schools for kids to do art projects. And because we use smaller quantities of everything, more recycled and cotton papers, less environmentally objectionable solvents, our shop fits more snugly into the way we all ideally think about our beautiful planet. No print shop is entirely free of toxins, but with soy inks, smaller runs, less electricy useage and recycling everything, we do as much as we can, as consciously as we can to make the least impact on the environment that we possibly can. It is a pleasure to work with clients like Shari, and like DeAnna Reposa of Simple-Peace.com, who take this as seriously as we do.

These shots of Shari’s cards speak for themselves. Green is beautiful. Thoughtful design is beautiful. Inspiration is beautiful. Collaboration is beautiful. Eco-chic is beautifully chic. These qualities show up in the reactions of prospective clients who receive them, in the eye of the beholder, and in the heart of our beautiful world.

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