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Sometimes people want BLIND EMBOSSING, which is a process that pushes an image UP out of the paper, and has no color — that is the “blind” part. It’s a fantastic effect that depends on a high relief effect so that shadow and texture make the impression. It works beautifully on paper that is not massively thick. Massively thick would be many of the papers we like to use nowadays: Cranes 600 gram Lettra and four-ply Museum Mount. The two cannot work together, which is often a conflict for our clients, who really love the super thick papers. What to do????  To get an intense relief effect on these thicker papers, we suggest BLIND DEBOSSING. That means the image gets deeply pressed DOWN INTO the paper. For Rick Lange Graphic Design’s business cards, we did just that, to an impressive effect (no pun intended). His intricate, flowing design went through a couple of trasitions to get it to the point where the debossing would really sing. We think it is very beautiful. Understated and a perfect show piece for Rick’s graphic design work, it utilizes all the best letterpress has to offer, deep relief printing and gorgeous, thick paper.

all photos by Pablo Abuliak

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