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Marin County photographer Dave Barber of Zuma Weddings had us make these chic, minimalist business cards last year. They were beautifully letterpress printed in black and deep red inks onto our favorite Cranes Lettra 600 gram stock, for maximum impression with no flicker on the back.

The asymmetrical layout, no embellishment, less-is-definitely-more aesthetic trumpets Dave’s photojournalist style to the potential client. For me, this IS a logo. Just type. Ahhh…delicious.

These photos were styled by Gurumaan Kalso and shot by Pablo Abuliak.


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Everybody is drawing names and worrying about what to get for so-and-so, who needs so many things (or already has everything he or she needs). Not another necktie! And slippers…nuh uh… Cozy jammies are always nice, but maybe there is something even more appealing and creative, don’t you think? A fabulous and elegant solution to the yearly dilemma could be a Gift Certificate for Graphic Design and Letterpress Printing from Studio Z Mendocino. You still have time to order one and have it delivered in time for the Holidays, all gussied up in a pretty colored envelope, letterpress printed on premium paper, in the amount your budget allows.

Your special someone will appreciate having personalized letterpress printing and creative work done up by the designers and crafts people here at Studio Z Mendocino. To get some idea of the array of work that is available, go to our web site www.studio-z.com or look around on our blog for more recent work. A calling card, correspondence papers, stationery, a new logo, extraordinary business cards for the entrepreneurs on your list, or even something toward the bride and groom’s upcoming wedding invitation.

Name the amount you wish to give, send us their names and addresses, and we will take care of it from there.


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Akil Bennett called me when he needed wedding invitations because we had printed his business cards last year and established a great connection. Akil and Alex are getting married in Costa Rica, so we designed this letterpress printed invitation with tropical colors and a vacation mood. Printed in two colors on 300 gram Cranes Lettra, we mounted the printed sheets onto vibrant kiwi green backing sheets. There were also a travel details card and an Rsvp with return envelope in the set. Alex finished it off with such style, as you can see below in Akil’s photos.

In Akil’s own words:

Here are a few of my wedding invitations created by the talented Zida Borcich at Studio Z Mendocino. She also designed the business cards for my business along with my script cards and envelopes.  I’m in love with her work and she did an awesome job on the invitations.  My creative fiancée Alex took her idea and ran with it, designing the presentation boxes the invitations were delivered in, and hand tying all the maracas together with a bright orange ribbon. Everything came together great and we are very happy with how they turned out.  If any brides are looking for stylish yet elegant wedding invitations, definitely give Zida a call!

Thanks for the commercial, Akil! Love that…and love working with Akil.

When you are having a destination wedding, you want your invitations to give a little peek into the future and the great event that will occur. These happy, tropical invitations were a treat to retrieve from the mailbox.

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Warren MacCormack has been so BUSY that it took him over six months to get to the photo shoot he promised me of his amazing Studio Z Mendocino Letterpress Business Cards. May I just say, it was worth the wait…oh, and did I mention “too busy” is a GOOD problem? The photos he took are fabulous and tell me a little about WHY he is so busy…They reflect the reflective nature of the cards we letterpress printed for him on Cranes 600 gram Lettra, the yummiest, thickest paper we can get our hands on. His already designed logo starts the reflectivity…WM and upside down it’s the same way. A big, round circle of not-too-shiny silver foil with the monogram WM reversed out, on a a big square card. That means the WM is paper that puffs up out of the silver foil circle, which is pressed into the paper with heat. This process actually re-forms the paper, giving a pronounced sculptural effect.


Warren shot the cards on a mirror, reiteration marking the rhythm of light catchment, reflecting the essence of what he does with camera and eye and art.


You may not usually think of the symbolism inherent in the card you leave behind to remind people of who you are, what you do, what you hope for, and what you represent in the world. This is the sort of magic and power I find in the work we do for you. I keep saying that letterpress printing has power in it…and I don’t mean to be all woowoo. I hear about it every day. That Art matters. That Art has power to change things, not just business but the world.

I just watched Lily Yeh’s plenary address at Bioneers online and am sitting here recovering from a good cry. I mean, tears streaming down my face… from her presentation of the work she brought to Rowanda, making public art with and of and for the ravaged people there, and how that Art manifested in getting drinking water, goats and cows, healing and recovery from too much devastation to contemplate. You can see her on YouTube soon and be amazed, inspired, called to action. I watched Salja Patel’s acted poem about the war in Afghanistan and again … Art has the power to move everything around…it is an essential of human life. How can we forget that?

So when I am making letterpress business cards, it is not just an ancient craft kept alive for making a living, it is a living Art, one that moves people in unexpected ways. Of course, I am not comparing this to the work these two women are doing, but it is also Art, and that is my point here. When you make a mosaic, a poem, a photograph, or even a letterpress business card, it is a communication, and it demands its own attention, it has its own trajectory. The message is perhaps not blatant, but the undercurrent registers and something is changed, remembered, we are participating with each other. How small a little thing, how also important.

Thank you for your Art, Warren. I’m glad you are so busy and I hope your business cards are doing their part in keeping you that way. I’m glad I get to work with Artists every day, and get to interpret their Art with my Art. What a big, round, amazing circle.

Thank you for reading my blog, everyone. I hope you tune into Bioneers tomorrow morning and listen.

One more photo of Warren’s letterpress printed business card … to reflect …


xoxo Zida

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Vanessa Wedding Cover_Page_1

Vanessa Gomez and Michael LaGatta will be married and have their receptions very soon in two, not merely one, fabulous destinations. The first will take place in Yountville, California at the superb Auberge du Soleil, and the second in MacCallen, Texas (The City of Palms), both in November. Above you see the front of their folder for the first celebration. It’s made from shimmering burgundy colored Stardream, with a band of paper and medallion that is letterpress printed with a yummy grape image we adapted here for her. Inside, the invitaion is tipped on (mounted) on the right panel, and all the extra pieces (directions, Rsvps) are tucked into the band on the back of the cover. Mary Meermans did the calligraphy for her envelopes.

Vanessa Wedding Cover_Page_2

Below, for the second, and much less formal event, is the Script Card invitation Vanessa tucked into a green #10 envelope. This one is for a Mexican Fiesta in Texas, and uses the historical town’s favorite trees as its motif.


These two invitations show the flexibility with which Studio Z Mendocino approaches design and printing. The first invitation is of course our specialty, letterpress printing. The second one, we did digitally, almost like an ultra-festive rack card/invitation. Totally fun and happy and much easier on the budget.

Here at our little printshop on the Mendocino coast, it’s a “wedding” of the very old and the most up to date, OK? We love that part! We also love working with Vanessa on her wedding invitations, all of them! You can see lots more of our spectacular custom letterpress wedding invitations at our web site studio-z.com. Or call for information at 707.964.2522. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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We just finished…mmm… I can only say… “manifesting” Jason Huang and Andrew Chan’s Table4 Photography edgy black business cards. I can’t just say “making” or “printing,” not even “creating,” because those descriptions would discount what happened in terms of the actual alchemy, the back and forth collaboration, the excruciating registration, the painstaking, pure, insane marksmanship, letterpress mastery and problem solving mojo of everyone involved.

The verdict is…”O M G!!!” from Jason.

Then they send me this MOVIEhttp://table4weddings.com/blog/2009/09/18/new-bling/


How cool are photographers allowed to be by law?

OK. So here is what is going on: Black, super-thick (over 1/16″ thick) Museum Mounting Board goes through the Heidelberg Windmill three times: One time for gloss foil for “Table4 Weddings,” so it is just pressed in very deeply with only the shine of the foil, no color, merely the shadow and mystery that can only belong to Huang/Chan. Second time for their names, in turquoise metallic foil. Third time for the actual information, in a sort of not-too-shiny silver foil. That is the letterpress printing part, three foils. Then we have to die cut each one. And then we send them to the edge painters who live far away. This is the coup de gras, the extravaganza of all business-card time. Brilliant turquoise matte ink applied along the edges of each and every card. ACK! It’s too great! See their web site at www.table4weddings.com.


I want to edge paint everything in sight from now on. My business cards, my stationery, the soles of my shoes. May I just tell you that Edge Painting is Rocking my World.

Here are Jason and Andrews own words from their blog:

We just received our gorgeous new custom cards from Zida and Joseph the other day and are soooo excited to share them with you all!

We knew we wanted something unique, cool, letterpressed, and black. We put together a few designs and sent them to Zida, and, since we don’t know the ins/outs of lettepress printing, she responded with ideas of her own. We spent a few weeks going over design and pricing until we ran out of temporary cards (below) and had to act.  We decided our business cards would be something that would set us apart from everyone else, that even if you didn’t like our work, you’d feel bad about throwing it away.  We chose a thicker stock and a non-traditional shape so it would stay on your desk, not in your rolodex (anyone still use those things??)

The cards would be a 3 run project. One run for the blind embossed “Table4 Weddings”, one for our foiled names, and one for the foiled info. We also wanted to experiment with edge painting, which was a little trickier to execute, but Zida made it work somehow. In the end, these are the fanciest cards we have ever owned and now we’re almost too scared to hand them out. Check out the sexy photoshoot we had with the cards below.  Aren’t they yummmyy?  Read about the technical info on her blog here.

Thank you Zida for giving us cards that we want to show off to every person we run into! Now, who wants one???

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The photos Kim Ashford from AK Photography sent to us document clearly what she got with her new business cards! LOOK HOW THICK. WOWIE! Her bold logo was printed and deeply impressed into Cranes Lettra 600 gram paper; the cards are 2.5 inches square. Included along with the fabulous photos Ms. Ashford took of the finished product, was an email saying, “I want you to know how much I appreciate your hard work on these. I love them and so does every person that has the privilege of having one : )  I have received so many compliments.” She also ordered matching script cards and square flapped Cranes Crest envelopes. Stop-you-in-your-tracks business cards and thank you stationery that carries the branding forward demonstrate the difference between one photographer and another. In the wedding industry there is nothing like the power of great letterpress printing to say, “I GET IT. These are the details that count.” Please go see Kim’s work on her clean and lovely website. Her artist’s eye and photography work are amazing.

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