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So much going on my head is swimming. So, as you may have heard, we are moving out of my shop at 711 North Main after twenty-five years of printing, and relocating to several new spaces. Design in one office, printing in a different one, and Real Estate Magazine in yet another office. Coordinating all these moves, just getting the PHONES straightened out is a crazy deal. I don’t think anyone can imagine how much STUFF a printer like me can accumulate in twenty-five years. I can’t even imagine it. So, I am having an indoor yard sale of my paper and card inventory. There is a ton of great stuff. Ladies Who Lunch cards (fifty cents each!), Miss FooFoo Tiny Books (little business card sized, one of a kind books you can use as cards or silliness $1 a piece!), lots of Christmas cards and Holiday cards ($5 a box) and cute stationery (ten cents a card, ten cents an envelope!). I also have lots and lots of scrap paper, like long, skinny pieces, left over from doing jobs, that I am GIVING away to teachers or whoever wants it. Great for art projects for kids and things like that. Come get an armload!

Please come in and shop around for your stocking stuffers or holiday cards at super rock bottom prices!!!


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