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What’s in a name? Initially speaking: LOVE. We name our babies with care because we know our name informs our lives almost as much as we inform our name with our own soul.¬†Every time you say that name, or see it, a little thrill runs over your heart. We all have a special relationship with our first initial, too. It’s to some extent the symbol of our Self. I know I love my Z and collect them like a hobby.

With all this in mind, I’m very excited to tell you about my art opening at the beautiful Highlight Gallery, in Mendocino, this coming Saturday. It’s the launch of my new project, My Baby’s L0ve Letters — Typographical Art for Baby and You. If you live far away and can’t make it to the show, the website will be up in the next day or so and you will be able to go shopping around, but I wish you could come to the show. It’s going to be a madhouse! I love madhouses, ps. These beautifully¬† framed initials are actually made up of line after tiny, tight line of the word LOVE. They are printed on 100% recycled cotton, archival paper and finished in gorgeous seamless, four-inch black frames that are a focal point of decor in the nursery or any room. Adorably cute and sophisticated at once, My Baby’s Love Letters are a gift for all reasons and seasons.

My Baby’s Love Letters grew out of a little art project I did for my two beautiful grandchildren, Enzo and Baby Zida. As the announcement above says, they are a lively typographical meditation on the word love, a reminder of what counts and a message from your truest heart to the one you love so much there is no way to talk about it. You can choose the letterpress embellishment of a gold foil star or a red foil heart. They will last for years and are wonderful combined with family photos in a big hallway montage, or grouped together in a family bunch, or leaning on a mantel or hutch. Above a couch they are nonpareil.

Pricing is also awesome: Unframed Love Letters are $29 and framed ones, in the Max frame, are $89, plus tax and shipping. We can send them anywhere in the US and accept all major credit cards. For birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, bar or bat mitzvahs, Christmas or Chanukah, what gift could celebrate better the first initial soul of someone you are crazy about? www.mybabysloveletters.com or call 707 964 2522 for more information or to order by phone.

Look for further announcements here and photos from the opening!

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