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We like to say that Letterpress printing brings the third dimension to a two dimensional medium. The addition of depth, texture, that subtle shadow around every letter and image, gives Letterpress work its signature appeal and gorgeousness. Chung Li is a Bay Area photographer whose tag line, “Urban Sophistication,” says it all about his beautiful work. Chung came to me because he specifically wanted that texture and the super thick paper that you can only get with Letterpress because the only type of press it will run through is a platen press like our Heidelbergs. He came to me with most of his logo in place already but had me fine tune it.

Working with Chung was a pleasure: every detail considered and reconsidered: our two skill sets working together toward what you see here. His new studio is just finished and his website looks totally amazing. This is the power of branding combined with the skill of a master artist/businessman. A place for everything and everything in its place. Above you see the back of the card, which is as sleek and exciting as the front.

All photos by Chung Li.

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