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Nat Nelson is a Texas photographer who brings many years of experience to his elegant work as both a wedding photographer and in corporate settings. We designed his business cards for maximum impact with minimalist elán. We used a sans serif typeface, deeply impressed into Cranes 600 gram Lettra to impress his name alone onto the fronts of the cards, in black ink. You couldn’t get any more to the point, but what an impression these super-thick cards make. If I had only one word to use to describe Nat’s cards, it would be “Authority.”

Here are Nat’s own words from his blog post:

My son stopped by a while back and happened to look at my business cards…..it had tons of info on the back including: Name, address, phone number, web site, email address, fax number, etc….

Being the smarty that he is he said it looked like I was desperate…………and he was right.

The search began for a new Final Business Card……….we knew it had to be “cool” so we requested help from a company in California called Studio Z Mendocino………from the first contact Zida had us on the right track…using some samples I had acquired we narrowed it down to off white card with black copy…the tough decision was to keep it a traditional size card or go with a narrow version….

Well here it is and it’s perfect for our studio……my son, the smarty one, said the simple card looks like you have made it………..and he was right again………….Thanks Zida for a great card!

I am grateful every day that we get to have smarty kids that don’t let us molder into frumpiness on any level.

The information we included on the back of Nat’s cards gets people to his web site, his phone and his email without overloading the message. Thank YOU Nat. Love working with you!

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