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DeShelia Spann, a fabulous fashion and wedding photographer, has a similar problem as I: she has a name that people are not sure how to pronounce. The upside of this is practically the same as the downside: well, it’s that we both have weird names. People remember us, even if they don’t say our monikers with the right accent. How you say DeShelia is this: DeSHEELA. How you say Zida is this: ZEEDUH. So see, we were immediate best friends when she called me not too long ago looking for letterpress business cards. Sharing that kind of life experience makes you know something about each other. It was so much fun to work with DeShelia. She knows what she wants and is very flexible and open, and totally down to earth and great to be around. No wonder people love to work with her. We did!

DeShelia posted a blog post today about her new business cards that absolutely gave me goosebumps.

Here are DeShelia’s own, very poetic words:

And I Fell in Love

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In my business I strive every day to exceed my clients expectations. Well I can honestly say I know how that feels because someone just exceeded mine. About a month ago I sent a tweet out to my fellow colleagues and friends asking them to share any recommendations they had for a good letterpress company. I’ve been working to update my brand and really liked the look and feel of letterpress for business cards and stationary. A few tweets later, the name Studio Z Mendocino came across my screen.

I decided to check Studio Z’s website  and  blog to see some of their work. It was definitely what I’d been looking for. After having several great conservations with Zida, the studio owner and designer, I knew she understood my brand and the direction to grow it. We decided to start with my business cards since I’d be heading out for a couple important events (more on that soon).

I’ve been excited to see the finished product since I signed off on the proof. Last Thursday, my friendly FedEx delivery man, dropped a bit of happiness off to me. I saw Studio Z on the box label and began to rip into the package. I caught a glimpse of my new business cards…..and I fell in LOVE!!

The super thick Cranes Lettra 600 gsm we used for DeShelia is the perfect base for her strong, feminine logo. We printed it in a gray blue ink that matches her web site colors, deeply impressed, of course. The little shadow cast by letterpress’s impression is what sets this type of printing apart from any other techniques. It’s unmistakable distinction engages prospective clients like nothing else. We can’t wait to hear what happens in NYC to our fashionista photographer client whom we so love to work with.

DeShelia Spann, Photographer

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