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I wanted to share these two emails that came from our client Rob Visjnak, a British Colombia real estate broker, whose real estate business cards are hot off the press, and I mean HOT, and making waves in Vancouver:

Hi Zida! Got my cards today and I love them! I’ve given them to a few people and they were all blown away. The reaction from one person was hilarious! He didn’t want to even put it in his pocket because he said it would be a shame if he scratched or bent the card. That’s exactly what I wanted. I didn’t want people to just file my card in their purse or pocket to get lost in the wash. Everyone has just stared and admired the elegance of the card, which bodes very well for me. ┬áThese cards were definitely a big investment that took months of tinkering, but I think it was definitely worth it. I know I was probably a bit of a pain at times but thank you for sticking through it with me. You did an awesome job and I am truly grateful! Thank you so much. Rob Visjnak

Then, a few days later, I got THIS from him:

Just a quick little story for ya… I went out to the club we just opened last night (The Motel) and gave my card to a couple people in the beginning of the night that I was talking to about real estate. Obviously they were blown away by the cards, but that’s not the best part….. A couple of hours later I had random people approaching me and asking if I was Rob Visnjak. They said ‘so-and-so’ showed them my card and were wondering if they could have one! Are you kidding me?!! I knew they would turn some heads but never did I think people would be asking me for my cards just because they looked so good! How good of an advertising tool is that?!!

Thanks again Zida, and I am sure these cards will be the first step of my platform to launch my business to the next level!

We foil stamped the cards in two metals: gold and silver, on the thickest black Museum Mount paper you can imagine. Then followed it up with an electrifying green edge painting. Again, there is NO PHOTOGRAPH OF ROB on these Real Estate Business Cards. It’s shocking, I know, but it remains to be seen if omitting that ubiquitous glamor shot will have an impact on sales. I think the impact has already been proven, but I hope Rob will keep us posted on this burning question that keeps us poised on the edge of our seats!

I have long said that a fantastic business card, though a not inconsiderable financial expenditure, is an investment in how your business is viewed, judged and remembered. The extra attention to detail, to aesthetics, to the actual amazement-value, brings home the message: I care, I will go the extra mile, you should list with me. Rob’s motto: “Get listed. Get sold.” reverberates in the shimmer of metal, the shock of green, the black paper that sounds like a shingle landing when laid down on a desk, the amazing layout he did himself. Artful, resourceful, creative, out of the box = the fellow we want to sell our house for us.

Oh, please forgive the alliteration bonanza in the title. Sometimes I can’t help myself. It’s 5:30 in the morning, for heaven’s sake. I put on my fedora, trench coat, slide an unlit cigarette in my mouth — I’m a hardboiled reporter rapping machine gun journalistic slang in my 1930s interior movie. This kind of thing comes out. Sorry! I know it’s just a blog, but my imaginary alternate career sneaks out here sometimes. “Move over, Moe, lemme at that typewriter! I got a scoop that won’t wait!!!”

all photos by Pablo Abuliak

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