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photos by Dana Goodson

Fabulous Florida Photographer, Dana Goodson, just got the new stationery and business cards Studio Z Mendocino made up for her, and posted these photos on her blog last night. I am so thrilled with how she shot them. She had to get out her macro lens for the shot above. Beautiful. The only thing that could beat them would be for you to hold one of her cards in your hand. We used our favorite Cranes Lettra 600 gsm, foil stamped her name/logo in a shimmering aqua foil, added edge painting that matches the foil to a T. They are amazing and lovely. Here are Dana’s own words (which partly quote me too, so they are kind of some of MY words too. Oh, I love those double ups!):

I received my new business cards and stationery about a week ago.  This has been a project in the works for about a month or two and it has been worth every second of waiting.

Zida of Studio Z Mendocio is the person behind the beautiful creations.  I was referred to her by fellow photographer, Shari DeAngelo out of Philadelphia, whose business cards I thought were the prettiest I’d ever seen.  I was in the process of revamping my business materials and knew I wanted letterpress but also something beautiful and rich in texture.  It had to be classy and a little different than your average business card.  Zida had the perfect suggestion and from the first phone conversation with her, I knew that she was the person for the job.  I felt a connection with her and I knew she would put everything she had into making my cards and stationary beautiful– just for me.

With her permission, I’m sharing a little about her story in her own words:

“In my house, there were hardly any books or newspapers. I practically LIVED at the library in our little town after school every day, checking out stacks of Nancy Drew mysteries each week, but I never thought once about where printed things came from, had no idea even what a print shop was, until I was twenty-six years old. The first time I was sat down in front of a California case full of lead type by my soon-to-be-mentor Al Moise and instructed to set a job, I began (literally) dreaming about type and typography. He offered me a job two days later and I worked for him for over ten years, the master printer who changed my life. Having my own shop now for twenty-five years still gives me a shiver of excitement and wonder every time I think of it.”    -Zida

The stationery cards have a pretty metallic foil for my logo.

Thank you Zida for your vision and giving me the most beautiful cards I could imagine.  I love them and loved working with you!  You’re aweseome!


Hey brides!  Zida does letterpress invitations.  If you want gorgeous invitations for your beautiful wedding day, contact Zida.

I particularly appreciate all the kind words Dana had to say about ME. THANK YOU, Dana. I appreciate working with you too. So fun and so productive. Love how everything came out!

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