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Photos by Pablo Abuliak

Working with Jonathan was one of the most give-and-take relationships I have experienced as a designer. Jonathan had ideas of what he didn’t want but was not sure what he did want, so it was a matter of deduction to get to the point of achieving this beautiful result. I made a super-graphic of his JC monogram, letting the flow of the two letters dictate placement. The color came out of nowhere…a fabulous, arresting chartreuse. Printing a solid chartreuse square on one end of the card with the monogram dropped out gave a two-way texture blast. The JC monogram comes UP from the paper, while the black type presses INTO the paper. Jonathan smartly got script cards (aka Buck Slips)  and #10 envelopes at the same time, so that the entire package held together in perfect synergy.

We printed Jonathan’s cards on 600 gram Lettra for its extra-ultra-yummy weight, thickness, and subtle texture.

We got to have dinner together at WPPI to top the whole party off. Very fun to make that connection after working so intensely together by phone and email.

I will post the buck slips and envelopes in another blog entry soon.

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