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Photos by Pablo Abuliak

Monica Wellington, owner of the most fashion-forward boutique on the Mendocino Coast, came to me for a new logo a while back. The name SPLENDIFEROUS! has so much juice in it anyway that it was very fun to play around with the way it lay on the page. It’s printed in brown ink, along with the blast of dandelion fluff, then reiterated in teal green foil (with an exclamation point where the “i” usually goes. We did them on the heaviest chipboard we could get our hands on. We love, love, LOVE how they came out!

They express the exuberance and style and earth-friendliness that Monica puts into the mix in her store, which, by the way, you HAVE to go to when you come to Fort Bragg. Everybody always finds something they can’t live without.

You really can’t print on this thickness of paper in any other way than by letterpress (except perhaps silk-screening — not too practical for business cards, though). With such heavy weight paper, we can get a nice deep “bite” that shows off the signature third dimension, the beautiful texture of letterpress that sets it apart from every other form of printing.

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