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Wood type from the Studio Z Mendocino Collection. Photos by Pablo Abuliak.

My little collection of wood type is one of my great treasures. Instead of mink coats and diamonds, I have lead dingbats and ornaments, and six inch tall letters made of hard wood. To me, they are more beautiful than almost anything, any piece of art.

Imagine, then, my utter bedazzlement to learn, from an email a friend forwarded to me today, that there is a museum dedicated to wood type out in Wisconsin. Here is the link to the fabulous and amazing thing: Hamilton Wood Type Museum

I suggest you go see this site immediately. Better yet, if you are in that neighborhood, you might want to drop by and give them some money! They are trying to keep the doors open on this American Printing treasure. Here is one of their broadsides;

You can watch thisĀ  soon to be released movie trailer about it: Typeface the Film.

I’m so happy to know about this!!!

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