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Lynn Michelle posted this fabulous entry on her blog about the very fun relationship we developed over the course of redesigning her new letterpress business cards and how the cards came out in the end, which, as her title implies, are quite beyond “satisfactory.”

Here is HER description of what happened:

Hello Gorgeous.

I learned of the amazing Zida of Studio Z Mendocino several years ago and while I craved letterpress business cards, I wasn’t really ready for them. This year I’ve felt my brand take on new legs and really blossom so I knew I was ready to put that icing on the cake.

My phone conversation with Zida began with a simple statement “I want them to be awesome”. She laughed and asked me to keep talking. From my last batch of business cards I knew that I wanted my trademarked phrase to stand on it’s own. “We shoot fabulous people”. Yes! I want that  stand up straight & tall on its own and to start the whole juggernaut into motion.

Zida suggested a red metallic foil. Yes!

Zida suggested a red edge painting. Yes!

From there, Zida ran amuck with ideas and styles for the back of the card. I had warned her that I was picky to the point of impossible. She took my feedback and went back to the drawing board and each time each design brought me more glee until we ended up here :

And I exclaim with a joyful “YES!”

Yes, yes…they are so amazing, even more amazing when you hold one in your fingers and feel the gorgeous paper, the gorgeous impression, see the way light flashes on FABULOUS people, the subtle impact of the brilliant red edge. You could miss it but you won’t. Altogether gorgeous.

Because she had been through several unsatisfactory iterations of her business cards, kept being disappointed or underwhelmed, she was a little leery of even trying it again. In our preliminary phone calls she wanted me to know, actually warned me, that she was basically “impossibly picky,” that she knew for sure what she did NOT want but could never actually tell me what she DID want. Etcetera.  I was not scared (well, maybe a little bit scared), and just said, basically, Give me some hints, Lynn, and if you give me an inch I will go ten thousand miles to get to your dream design. This is my mode, anyway. Failure is not an option. I actually discovered that (don’t tell anybody) Lynn Michelle is a total cream puff, incredibly talented and fun to work with. It was a deductive process. I would send something to her, she would say Leave that out, leave this out. I would send another something. She would say no, no. I would say How about thus and so?? and she would say hmm hmm…Anyway, it was an productive back and forth collaboration that resulted in perfect yumminess, as you can see.

When you decide to go forward with the INVESTMENT of a fabulous letterpress business card, you want to have a sidekick standing beside you who will listen and act on your wishes. You also want an expert who will be able to advise and bring her own creativity to the project, and who can guide you through the intricacies of what’s needed for these techniques. At Studio Z Mendocino, you get the result of thirty-five years’ experience and experimentation in design, typography and letterpress printing. We bring knowledge of what will and won’t work with the classical technology of letterpress, as well as a willingness to stretch beyond what is known and practiced. “Impossibly picky” is our métier, so don’t worry. We understand picky. And we understand gorgeous, too. Thank you Lynn Michelle, for being one of our favorite clients ever.


The benefits of having a card that leaps out at potential clients, grabs their hand and makes then send you a text message or punch in your number to tell you you got the job cannot be overestimated.

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