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One of the ten reasons best friends were invented: So they can stay under the porch with you when you don’t have a date.

Life has not been the same since our Ladies Who Lunch cards went into their long hibernation. Schmoozing, commiserating, inviting friends to shop, do lunch, to make whoopee or a date for drinks have all been severely underfunctioning without theĀ  preventive maintenance our multi-purpose cards provided for so many years. Since they have been holed up in our basement acting shy, people call or email or wander into the shop looking for their favorites and we are happy to let them have a few to tide them over. We finally realized that it is dumb to deprive the world of such a rich lode of resources for the invitationally challenged, and so, guess what: Weep no more: The Ladies Who Lunch are back, and you can buy them online right now. Just go to our web site: studio-z, click on the line that says “buy Ladies Who Lunch Cards online,” and go shopping. They are available by the piece or by the dozen, or even by the gross, so let us know which ones you have been dying for and we will send you a little parcel that should assuage your long held LWL hunger in no time.

YOU WHAT??? Let me slip into my shoulder pads — I’ll be right over!!!

All the collections are there: Lovers and Lovees, Girls Club, FUN-damental Get-Togethers, Best Friends Forever, Fun by Any Other Name Is Still Fun, Friends and Soulmates, Brilliant Holiday Get-Togethers, Wish You Were Here, and all your other faves. Remember “Let Us Prey,” with its strip-of bacon-skirt and lipstick that looks like refried beans? It’s there. Ditto “You’re a Total Goddess — Life would be so unmagical without you in it,” cheek by jowl with “Hello Sexy,” “Dog,” and everybody’s favorite, “I Don’t Want to Be Mad Anymore.”

Now you can buy all the cards you meant to buy but didn’t, catch up on your condolences, apologies, party-giving, lunch-doing, mash-note-sending, and actually do all the socializing you wanted to do but were unable to find any Ladies Who Lunch cards to smooth the way. Life is good.

Happy Anniversary! You make it look easy.

With something for almost every occasion and some occasions you never thought of, we look forward to your urgent order. Studio Z Mendocino: Ladies Who Lunch

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