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Photos by Pablo Abuliak

My friend Carole King and I were best friends in the first grade. When we reconnected after many years of not knowing what the other was doing, it was such a deep, old, sweet, special relationship that got reestablished that it fills my heart up every time I think of it. She asked me to make some business cards for her educational psychology practice that would incorporate the design of her wedding ring. I hired an artist to draw the design if the ring were stretched out straight and turned the drawing into an embossing die. The resulting card, I hear from Carole, invariably elicits comments and admiration.

The third dimension of texture, available with the various techniques of letterpress printing, imparts something ineffable, an emotional pull, to each printed piece we make. With this card, the type is pressed INTO the metal-inflected navy blue paper with white foil stamping, while the ring design raises UP OUT OF the paper with what is called Blind Embossing (meaning no ink). Applied with a heated die, the relieved image actually realigns the fibers of the paper, for a high sculptural effect. Blind embossing is not effective on super thick paper like Crannes 600 gram paper, but on this harder, less thick, more calendered paper, it is fantastic.

It was very special to get to work on a design and card for such a dear friend.

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