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Thomas Sanderson came to me with his logo already designed. (Yes, of course, we are happy to print other people’s logos, as well as our own designs we do here.) Thomas’s cards are printed in black ink, deeply impressed, with the extra attraction of stunning turquoise blue edge painting.

They¬† stand out in so many ways…the cards’ unusual shape, the third dimension of letterpress’s signature impression, super thick Cranes Lettra paper that feels so substantial in the hand, the long, horizontal rectangular shape, and the little flash of color along the edge of each one, that is so very arresting.

Here is a little house Thomas built of his business cards too.

This type of design lends itself perfectly to fine letterpress printing. No gradients, no screens, just well designed typography and interesting line art. Very much fun to do this card and to work with Thomas. Even when our clients come to us with their logos already in place, we can discuss and guide them to the most interesting use of our techniques and materials, many of which cannot be accomplished by any other means than letterpress. Cranes paper, for instance, cannot be printed by any other type of press. It is too thick to get pulled through the rollers. Thomas loves them, of course…what’s not to LOVE???

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