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I’m sorry you can’t see these in person. This is a box full of KIMI Consulting business cards. They actually GLOW…

Kim Walker came to me for a new brand, and a new look for her consulting business, KIMI Consulting, which provides program development, writing, newletters & web page content, plus much more in the arenas of creativity and ideas to her lucky clients. KIMI stands for Keep It Moving Innovations. Kim is also, on the side, a personal trainer, and just being in her presence makes you want to be her client.

My daughter Zoe and I met Kim for the first time at a gathering for our mutual friend Belvie Rooks (It was called “We Love You, Belvie!” so imagine what THAT was like), and we immediately were like BFF in the first five minutes, like, no kidding. I was excited to work on this project with Kim but had no idea what would come forward in my creative trance when we first talked. From a typographer’s point of view, “Ks” are fun to work with, but can be tricky.It’s the most interesting process in the world for me…like some form of channeling, because I have no idea where these things come from, but I do depend on their coming.

I tried a few ideas out, but nothing earth-shattering…then, this idea woke me up in the middle of the night. Luckily, I had my notebook and pen right next to my pillow and drew it before drifting off again. In the morning I recreated it on my computer and sent a PDF to Kim right away. I thought, “This is IT,” and, actually, I was right. I knew exactly what it was going to look like. Kim liked it a lot, and, after a minimal amount of tweaking, I sent for the dies and black paper and we were off and running.

Yes, the K is backward. Don’t worry!!! This is called engaging the viewer.

On the black, front side, we used two foils: an apple green foil,  that is just metallic-Pippin-APPLE-y and incredible, and a holographic blue foil that shimmers and morphs in every different light and different angle…the initials come ALIVE on the intensely black side of the duplex paper. The other side of the paper is white (why it’s called “duplex”), and all Kim’s information is in black  ink, with pale gray, crisscrossing lines that add movement and dimension to the Keep It Moving who, what, where & why.

Here’s what Kim had to say when I asked if she had received her biz cards on UPS:

I got my business cards 😀 !!!

Do you mean the business cards that I want to make a pair of earrings with or a perhaps a hip belt. Yes I got them and love them. So does everyone I give one to. Thank you so much.  Kim

Yes, that is the one…earrings, Yes!! Bling chic…

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