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I promised to show you the cards we printed for Bruce Wolfe and here they are. Silver foil puts a little dazzle on Bruce’s strong-lined signature-logo. The sculptural quality of letterpress is a perfect match for Bruce’s art form, massive and gorgeous sculptures like this one he was working on in his studio when  I visited recently. This is the top half of Lamar Hunt. The bottom was in the next room. This will be installed at the St. Louis MO ball park when it is completed.

Me, Bruce Wolfe and Bruce's grandson next to a work in progress statue of ball club manager, Lamar Hunt

The backs of the cards are also very wonderful: typography by graphic designer Karen Johnson, of San Francisco

Bruce was not fond of the extra thick Cranes Lettra and chose instead the Lettra 300 gram. It still has the yummy fluffiness and texture of the thicker stuff but doesn’t take up as much room in a wallet. The extra bonus here is that is is much less expensive too, while still delivering a premium look and feel.

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Renee Avalos is a personal chef in San Francisco. We turned our Blue Bird Placecard from the old Studio Z Mendocino line of stationery into a yummy folding business card for Renee, and she says she loves it. The scribbly typeface refers to Renee’s imaginative, creative cuisine. Her tag line, “Honoring food traditions through culture, pleasure and nourishment,” tells a bigger story than one line usually can. Wonderful… Inside, the card is spare and minimal, just the facts in a beautiful typeface, and there is even room to write a note. She says the card is getting her noticed and landing opportunities, which of course is the whole point of having a drop-dead business card!

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