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Alana Couch called me from Vancouver, BC, last year to see about getting new business cards and a new logo. Her logo was quite traditional and conservative and she felt it no longer reflected the work she is doing now, which is fresh, organic, modern and, as you can see on her new splash page, exciting and gorgeous.

As a designer, it is often the case that my very first idea is THE idea, and even if I do several iterations after that, and 20 other designs, we will come back to that first intuitive hit. I find this miraculous. With this logo though, that was definitely NOT the case. At one point, Alana almost felt that I was not the designer that could uncover the way her logo really wanted to be (which really got my competitive blood up!) One of my attributes as a designer is that I don’t quit. I have a friend with whom I had a catering business in the ’80s who said once that “Zida will always go the last ten thousand miles” [to get to her goal]. In this job, that was really true. I just KNEW I had Alana’s logo inside me and kept after it until this monogram emerged, ten thousand miles later.

We used the same interesting green Alana had used in her original logo, and a wonderful dove gray for her two colors. Printed on 600 gram Cranes Lettra, they then got the fabulous Edge Painting treatment in the exact same shade of green. The cards are understated and arresting in this sleek, narrow shape, with that little flash of green along the edge that sets them into another class of marketing tool altogether. The asymmetrical typography on the backs continues the intrigue:

I loved working with Alana for her confident self knowledge and attention to every detail. Alana’s ten thousand miles quota matched mine and we stayed with the fascinating exploration until both of us felt that sense of elation when IT has been reached. These are qualities a great photographer requires in order to put out the sort of artistic, startling, skilled professional work Alana is able to accomplish. I love looking through her web site. The work is extraordinary and of course I am a big fan of her new Brand.

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