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I designed this logo for Louis Bock, Chance Creek Winery‘s owner/winegrower many years ago, but only recently turned the design into a  business card for the busy Redwood Valley entrepreneur. I used a black/white duplex paper (the back is white) and gold foil, which gleams like a little piece of jewelry. Here are several more shots of his business cards.

Classic typography and a beautiful icon, perfect impression, a mellow gleam eliminate any need for more description. The card carries its own potency. This paper is quite a bit thinner than museum mounting board, which reduces the overall cost considerably, plus having the white back gives extra options for putting information on the reverse side or even writing things there, too. The intensely black color is attractive with any number of foil colors. Gold is rich and jewel-like: who is not a fan of a little impactful bling now and then?

It’s a pretty day on the Mendocino coast so I took Lou’s cards out to the calla lily patch to shoot them. I don’t recommend edge painting as much for this paper. It shows, but not as much as the hunkier museum mount, and, of course,  if it’s worth doing, it’s worth overdoing.

Gold foil on black is a timeless, opulent combination. I highly recommend it as often as possible, as I do Lou’s Chance Creek wines, for which I design and print labels. Extraordinary, organically grown, beautiful wines.

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