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It’s very incredible how different media can change the mood and tone of a business card’s message. In this post you can see the same design, Kim Ashley’s AK Photography card, in many guises. The view above shows black ink that had to be run very heavily for coverage, on 600 gram white Cranes Lettra. Below the same design is in gold foil on a khaki green, very thick mounting board.

Rhea used the same plate to apply a mirror-like silver foil onto black Museum Mount 4 ply.

And this is what is looks like in pearl foil on a khaki-beige colored super thick museum mount.

Foils come in a number of finishes for each color. Although you don’t get as many choices as with a Pantone ink color book, there is enough variety to express subtle differences. This is pewter foil on black.

And  you can see what copper foil looks like.

Lastly, Pearl foil on black gives yet another dimension to the same materials.

You might notice that the effects produced by foils are what the makers of Photoshop intended designing effects like satin and drop shadows, except with letterpressed foils, the effects change with the angle viewed and the lighting. It’s a more dynamic thing, and very intriguing to me. We can guide you in the many available approaches to your next letterpress business card job. Think about what you want your look to express about your work and your aesthetic. Does a direct, classic, matte look tell the most about your style? Or do you like a little gleam, a little bling, or even perhaps a lot of bling? The sub-message is all there to explore.

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