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MY business card…just sold me a job! An artist hired me because of your artistry. Thank you forever. Big hugs & love, Cathy

    Simplicity itself. Cathy's cards were printed in turquoise and gray inks, front and back, on Somerset Watercolor Paper

The rave review I just got from Cathy Carpizo, my friend and client who is a gifted organizer in southern California, echoes the comments I get from so many of my clients. That is, that interestingly designed, beautifully printed letterpress business cards are worth their weight in diamonds in terms of landing business. My wedding photographer clients tell me, “I am booking jobs left and right. At shows, when I pass these out, brides just stand there with my card in their hands and their mouths open. They often say it’s the business card that sold them on me!” All this is tremendously satisfying to hear on my end. One of my aims in my work is to make the most beautiful, clever, artful things I can, but an even more inspiring aim is to make an effective selling tool for my clients. It’s the message that defies words, telling so much about you in one glance…

Here is the back of Cathy’s cards so if you need to get organized in the New Year you can hire the most amazing and creative person on the planet for that job:

The price of letterpress, indeed, is higher than that  of many other forms of printing. The price of a good logo design and good typography exceeds that of DIY or that of a friend who just got a new program and wants to give a design away. Is it worth it to have a professionally designed and printed business card at upwards of a dollar apiece? Does it result in more business, better branding, more confidence when you present yourself? That dollar can attract more and better clients and pay for itself thousands of times over. Ask Cathy.

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