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We recently had the pleasure of working on business cards for Seattle photographer Matt Land. The cards we printed for him echo Matt’s hip, true-life, documentary style, and he designed the typography himself. We used a silver foil next to an opaque white foil on super-heavy Museum Mount paper that is over 1/16 inch thick, for an incredibly sexy, subtle, soulful result.

Matt went to Mexico right after he got his cards. He told me in an email that he kept thinking he would get over his new cards but he just couldn’t. He loves them. Here is a shot he sent me from the Yucatan.

What tickled me the most was when he emailed me that, “I finally get to make the Studio Z blog!!” Like, I am so trendy. Haha. I can’t stop smiling about that comment.

I really love these photos Matt just sent to me. So much. Also, having the same kind of pull to that region of Mexico…it’s really so cool to feel the way making 1000 business cards has this crazy impact in the world. Where do they all end up? What do they do when they land there? What actions are caused by them? A thousand different answers, a thousand chances to be remembered. It’s this feeling of interconnectedness, my own mission/vision of making the world a more convivial place by making bits of paper that communicate so much more than somebody’s phone number. This is what I love most about what I do.

Can’t you just taste the fun Matt had getting these kids to pose with his Matt Land business cards? It makes me want to take a trip to Mexico right now, this minute.

It’s not just what happens once we ship them out either. The way we work seems to be some kind of magical juju that creates friends too. There is so much interesting conjecture and trial and error that goes into the planning of doing a card or invitation. Matt and I had a lot of conversations, a lot of interesting creative collaboration before these bits of information made it into his carry-0n. This too enters into the interconnectedness I feel so strongly. It’s a form of friendship and I treasure it very much.

I know for sure that I am not merely in the business of graphic design and printing. I am in the business of relationship, connection and communication. I thank Matt and all my incredible clients every day for giving me these opportunities and these life-enriching experiences.

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