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Stacy Naquin’s photo shoot of her recently completed business cards is completely like… VOGUE or something. I love it that the “models” were created by me and Studio Z Mendocino printer Rhea Rynearson. Stacy said the silver foil often gets lost in photographs and she wanted to show the amazing thickness of the stock, so she had Kim Ashford of AK Photography (another of my fabulous clients), take these shots. They are so gorgeous, I am in LOVE.

The backs are ingenious too…We had to avoid printing over the impression from the front side so this was my solution…

I wanted to capture the thickness, and also the silver leaf that sometimes gets lost in photographs.  I thought you’d be tickled to know: I handed my card to an interior designer, and he said, “Wow! you must be expensive!” I said, “i am!”  happy new year!” –Stacy

We printed the big rectangle in black ink onto sumptuous Cranes 600 gram Lettra then overprinted all the type, front and back, and the monogram I created for Stacy, in gleaming silver foil.

You can see all 31 images on Stacy’s Facebook images: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=366965&id=687980595&ref=mf

PS: I wanted to point out my NEW pix at the head of my blog. They are two photos by my son-in-law, Pablo Abuliak, which I adore. Yes, that is ME, singing Baby I Love You at Pablo and Alicia’s wedding. Pablo completely amazes.

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