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We made Calgary photographer Gabe McClintock‘s letterpress business cards many moons ago but here we are in the new decade finally showing them to you. Gabe came to me with his wonderful PerspectivEye logo and business card design already in place so we just did the letterpress work on 600 gram Cranes Lettra.  His web site is by Ross Tanner at Flosites.

Some people think we only print our own designs but it’s not true. We often work on printing that comes all ready to go and done by somebody else. We just need to look at a pdf of the design to make sure it is letterpress-friendly. Not every design is, as I may have told you before. Big solids, screens, halftones, insanely small type knocked out of a solid color, gradients are all pretty much no-nos for letterpress success. We of course do break the rules sometimes but it can be a risky proposition. We can guide you in adapting designs too, and then sometimes you just have to forgo letterpress. Some designs just won’t go in the letterpress direction. But this design for Gabe was perfection. Deeply impressed, a very clean and graphic story. Everybody was happy with the outcome. Sorry it took so long to post it. These shots have been lurking in my files for ages.

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