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This is what lead type looks like when it is set, left to right, upside down, one letter at a time.

This morning Arjen Noordman, a fantastic designer from Brooklyn, posted an interview with me that, if you are interested in design or letterpress printing or a bit of historical perspective, may be of interest to you.

It’s such perfect timing because November First is the official anniversary of opening my shop twenty-five years ago. I am feeling so nostalgic! Don’t forget to come to our Wayzgoose on Friday, November 6th, from 5 to 8, at the Studio Z Mendocino print shop, 711 North Main, Fort Bragg.

Here is the link to Cranbrook Design’s site and the entire interview:


Here is the invitation to the Wayzgoose, too, for good measure.

Arjen photos 163

The Wayzgoose Invitation, letterpress printed in three colors, mounted on red paper.

We are all madly cleaning and planning and cooking for the party on next Friday. I am contemplating this quarter century of doing work I love very much. It’s a time for going inward, for remembering and appreciating, and for looking forward too, planning and dreaming… Such a richness.

Hope you enjoy the interview!


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